Valtek® Compressor Anti-Surge Valve

Flowserve Valtek The Valtek® Compressor Anti-Surge Valve from Flowserve represents a revolutionary solution to anti-surge control by combining precise control and exceptional responsiveness in a simple, reliable package. It protects compressors from catastrophic surge damage by providing exceptional response for driving the valve open when needed and in a steady-state position when in recycle.

Key components:

  • Mark 100SC™ angle body valve
  • Logix 3800JF™ positioner
  • MegaStream™ noise control
  • Stealth™ noise control
  • Linear piston actuators
  • Actuator cushions
  • SpiralTrack™ feedback

How It Works

The Valtek Compressor Anti-Surge Valve gives you a combination of precision control and exceptional responsiveness in an easy-to-calibrate and easy-to-maintain valve package. It protects critical compressor equipment from catastrophic surge damage, allowing operators to run their compressors near the surge line for increased productivity.
Here’s how the integrated system delivers responsive, precise and reliable anti-surge control:

  • The Logix 3800JF positioner reduces complexity and eliminates the need for auxiliary pneumatic accessories. A one-button configuration simplifies set-up and tuning.
  • Pneumatic JetFlow relay provides high flow rates and fast stroke speeds with proportional pneumatic output for both precision control for small step changes, and high flow when fast speeds are required.
  • SpiralTrack eliminates long feedback arms and provides reliable electro-mechanical feedback to the positioner.
  • Linear piston actuator provides high performance, and actuator cushions prevent impact damage during fast strokes.
  • The Mark 100SC angle body valve features a large-volume gallery for exceptional capacity. It is capable of providing 51 to 248% greater capacity compared to similar anti-surge offerings.
  • Advanced trim designs – MegaStream and Stealth minimize noise and vibration, reducing system wear, damage and downtime.

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