Purchasing and Delivery Programs

Purchasing Assistance And On-Time Delivery Guarantee The Right Parts At The Right Time

Many things factor into plant productivity and efficiency. But perhaps nothing is more important than having the right products and equipment available and in place at the right time. OTP offers the people, the products and the technology to ensure every aspect of the purchasing process is as efficient and beneficial as possible, from selecting the right products to placing your order, to the receipt of shipments at your facility.

Our advantages include:

  • Purchasing Assistance: Our knowledgeable staff can help you identify the products that best support your applications. We can recommend solutions for obsolete products, and we can often kit multiple parts into a sub assembly with a single parts number, simplifying both the purchasing and assembly process. No matter your needs, we respond rapidly to your inquiries and requests to help expedite the purchasing process.
  • Electronic Ordering: OTP’s e-commerce platform, Commerce Connect, allows you to securely place your order and perform other business transactions with us via the Internet. Commercial Connect supports a wide range of connection and transportation methods including:
    • JMS And SOAP For XML Documents
    • SMTP And POP3 For E-Mail Messages
    • FTP & SFTP For Secured EDI Transactions And Flat Files
    • HTTP For A Browser Interface
  • Bar Coding: OTP employs advanced bar coding technology that allows for customer package label capability and improves your ability to track the shipment of your order.
  • On-Time Delivery: OTP guarantees on-time delivery of your order, allowing you to improve scheduling of maintenance projects and maintain OEM machine build schedules. Just in time delivery solution are available to meet your needs. We regularly report on the status of open orders and can expedite or rush orders when needed.
  • Cost Savings: Our vast purchasing power can help you secure the best prices on a wide range of products and systems. We offer flexible ordering parameters to help you manage your cash flow. We track and document cost savings on key performance indicators (KPI) for your business, and we regularly report them back to you. Learn more.
  • Inventory Solutions: OTP offers a wide range of inventory solutions to help you further reduce your costs and improve your efficiency. Learn more.