Inventory Programs

Let OTP Reduce Your Inventory Investment

A company’s profitability often depends on its ability to reduce MRO storeroom assets and streamline inventory. Years of experience in the industrial sector has led to the development of a number of effective strategies and inventory programs designed to promote inventory optimization and improve your ROI and cash flow.

OTP’s inventory solutions include:

  • Inventory Consolidation: We will work with you to identify and eliminate duplicate brands. Through equipment surveys and the identification of slow moving and non-moving inventory, we can help consolidate the number of vendors and parts you use, saving you both time and money.
  • Product Standardizations: Our experts can suggest standard products by commodity group that meet the needs of a wide range of customers and applications.
  • Customer-Specific Parts Kits: We can often kit parts by combining multiple parts into a single part number. You’ll receive multiple line items as a sub assembly, saving on labor and assembly time and simplifying the purchasing process by eliminating part numbers.
  • Customized Local Inventory Support Programs: OTP can own and manage your inventory at our location, saving you both money and space. We can even use your part numbers and provide bar coding capabilities to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your program.
  • Locally-Placed “Safety Stock” Inventory Consignment Programs: OTP owns the inventory, but it’s stocked at your location, reducing your costs while ensuring you have immediate access to key parts.
  • Identification and Conversion of Parts from OEMs and Catalog Houses
  • Inventory Buy Back Programs