Cost Savings Programs

Save Money With Smart Solutions From OTP

In these challenging economic times, we’re all working to be as profitable as possible. OTP understands your need to cut costs is greater than ever. Through the size and scope of our business and the technical expertise of our people, we can offer you a number of ways to improve your bottomline, including:

  • Price Savings on Products: Our vast purchasing power and unique partnering programs allow us to buy at the best possible prices. We pass the savings on to you.
  • Increased Production: Our experts have the knowledge to provide application assistance and insight that allows you to improve the efficiency of your equipment, increase plant uptime and improve mean time between equipment failure.
  • Quality Repair and Service: Our factory-trained and certified technicians can often repair equipment for much less than the cost of buying new products or systems. We also offer preventive maintenance contracts that can help you avoid costly and disruptive system failures. Learn more.
  • Energy Savings: OTP can help you select products and systems that save green in more ways that one. Environmentally friendly, energy-saving products such as premium efficiency motors and enhanced belt drives are just a few energy-efficient options that can add up to big bottom line savings for your business. Our repair and maintenance specialists can also recommend services and techniques, such as replacing worn sheaves or checking for the proper tension in belts, that can further reduce energy consumption and cut your energy costs. Simply ask our experts for energy-saving recommendations.
  • Inventory Solutions: OTP offers a variety of inventory solutions designed to improve your return on investment. Learn more.
We Don’t Just Promise Savings——We Prove Them

OTP delivers savings you can see—literally. We work with you to identify potential plant cost savings. We then document the savings and provide you with our OTP Asset Improvement Documentation (AIP) reports to show you bottom line results in black and white.

Key performance indicators are unique to your business and may include:

  • Delivery performance
  • Inventory management and inventory reduction
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Conversion
  • Part number and vendor consolidation
  • Slow moving and non-moving inventory reduction
  • Purchase price savings
  • Increased production and equipment uptime
  • Repair vs. buying new
  • Energy savings through product selection and upgrades

Contact OTP to find out how much value we can add to your business.