Sumitomo Celebrates 50 Years in the Industry

Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (SMA), part of Sumitomo Drive Technologies, is one of the largest manufacturers of machinery in Japan—and the global leader in power transmission knowledge and innovation. OTP proudly distributes Sumitomo products to our customers.

This year, Sumitomo is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Ron Smith, CEO and President, has spent 25 years with Sumitomo. As part of its anniversary celebration, Mr. Smith was recently interviewed to talk about the company, its successes and its future.

Tell me about Sumitomo and how the company has evolved over time—
Ron Smith: “The humble beginnings formed with two Japanese expats in New Jersey in a small leased facility. Shortly after hiring local engineers and office staff, they targeted industries where traditional gear reducers were problematic. With the capabilities of the unique patented Cyclo®, it quickly gained a notable reputation for world-class quality, reliability and long life—even in the most severe environments such as saw mills and steel plants. With demand growing, the company signed distributor agreements and focused on creating partnerships with customers across the United States.”

What makes SMA standout from the competition?
Ron Smith: “The people make Sumitomo stand apart. That may sound like a cliché, but attracting and retaining the best people with strong personal character and passion has been the key to Sumitomo’s success. We can teach individuals the necessary skills to excel at a job, but character and passion cannot be taught.

It’s these kind of people that can differentiate a company, and this is definitely true at SMA. I’m sure you can see that I really value these personal characteristics, and they support one of our core values, which is respect for human dignity. Respect goes a long way in motivating your work force and creating customer loyalty.”

Why is community involvement—such as the Foodbank—important to you and to SMA?
Ron Smith: “To be truly successful in business, you need to consider all of your stakeholders in the business: the employees, customers, shareholders and the community, and make sure you are addressing all of their needs. Sumitomo employees wanted to support a local organization that serves our neighbors. The ability to provide a basic need such as food is a way to give something back to the community. It has a direct impact. This particular cause holds a special place for me as well because, as one of eight children growing up, food was scarce. The incredible generosity of our employees helps ensure that our neighbors do not go to bed hungry.”

Growing up did you ever imagine being a CEO of a company like Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America?
Ron Smith: “In one word, no. [laughter]. I was always an ambitious kid, but I figured out at a fairly young age that working would be in my future. At age 15, I got my first job as a dishwasher. It went from hard work to praise, then praise to hard work. It was a cycle that pushed me. Plus, I was lucky to be surrounded by people who mentored me. I really learned to look at people who were successful and emulate them. Mentorship is ingrained in our culture.”

Who are your role models?
Ron Smith: “Honestly, I have so many. I definitely do not look at celebrities or public people as role models per se. I look up to and admire good people, everyday people who are honest, modest, hard-working, and who take personal responsibility for themselves. Just ’good citizens.’ That’s what I strive to be.”

How has being a father influenced your outlook on life and approach to the company?
Ron Smith: “I have three daughters, and it has truly been the most joyous experience of my life. Being a father had a tremendous influence on my approach because it was the best leadership training I ever received. My wife and I were twenty years old when my first daughter was born, and then we had our second daughter two years later. Shortly thereafter, I became a single father, at the ripe age of 24. It was a life-changing event. Life became very serious. With a lot of help from family, I was able to raise my daughters. I eventually remarried and had my third daughter. The skills I developed throughout those experiences served me throughout my life—patience, consistency, fairness, and telling them ‘why’. I saw that I got much better results by not only telling them my expectations, but explaining the reasons behind them. It was great training for this job—learning to lead by example.”

What does the future hold for SMA?
Ron Smith: “No one can predict the future, but I believe the future for this company is bright. The company is financially strong. At around 600 people, we work together throughout our many facilities to serve our customers. We maintain our strong benefit plan, keep security for families, and continue to be good community members. It’s been an honor and a privilege to hold the position as long as I have, and I look forward to the future of the company.”

Featured Vendor Case Study: Sumitomo

OTP’s featured vendor this month is Sumitomo. Sumitomo Drive Technologies, or Sumitomo Machinery
Corporation of America (SMA), is one of the largest manufacturers of machinery in Japan—and the
global leader in power transmission knowledge and innovation. OTP proudly distributes Sumitomo
products to our customers.

Learn more about Sumitomo from one of their recent case studies:

Paramax Retrofits1

Paramax Retrofits

Companies need efficient, compact equipment to operate their facilities effectively. Changes to existing
designs can prove to be costly. With limited space and pricing as major factors, facilities need to bring
in machinery that does not disrupt the current design’s integrity. When existing equipment is obsolete
or in need of upgrading, one of the best solutions for companies is to retrofit new equipment into pre-­
existing spaces.

Sumitomo manufactures reducers that offer optimized gear tooth geometry. Its Paramax® series
reducer features a 25-­degree pressure angle and compact housing design, which generates more
torque out of a smaller package—whether it is horizontal, vertical or an upright installation. More torque
from a smaller package makes the Paramax reducer an ideal choice for retrofitting older, obsolete

The Paramax® series is a heavy-­duty line of reducers that assists in chemical, mining, paper
manufacturing, plastic and rubber, and power generation, saving larger industries from costly changes,
while keeping equipment running smoothly.

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A Practical Application of Smart Gearbox Technology

By Sumitomo Drive Technologies


The gearbox is a critical component within individual operations. The conveyors that run 24 hours a day rely on the gearboxes to convert speed and torque into motion. Without proper maintenance, regardless of the gearbox design, the useable life of the gearbox could be significantly shorter than desired. Figure-2

Many of the larger facilities have hundreds, if not thousands, of gearboxes in operation and there are not enough maintenance technicians to perform the required oil replenishment. Companies often decide to refrain from performing any kind of maintenance to the equipment in order to save on cost and time. The cost savings is only short-term. The lack of lubrication will cause the gearbox to fail prematurely. Figure 1

This provides a new opportunity to develop the gearbox technology, Smart Gearbox, that essentially advises when the maintenance is needed to avoid costly downtime. With the Smart Gearbox technology, downtimes can become aligned with the set schedule that has been proven profitable for customers.


The Sumitomo Cyclo Reducer is unique in the use of the eccentric cam and Cyclo disc arrangement. This revolutionary design provides quiet, efficient, and reliable performance exceeding that of involute tooth gear designs.

The facility selected for this case study has a very large installed base of Sumitomo Cyclo® products. There are approximately 300 units in operation at the location and roughly 20 “unique” units that are the same Cyclo frame size. Each one of these units is installed in applications that vary greatly in regards to loading criteria, run time, duty cycle, etc. Eight of the gearboxes were tested 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a length of 12 months. This allowed for gearbox vibration, gearbox temperature, ambient temperature, motor amperage, and motor frequency to be tested for all climate conditions throughout the year.


The Smart Gearbox technology would make reliance upon estimations, and the costly consequences, a thing of the past. The potential for a Smart Gearbox provides time and cost saving solutions. Many different facilities, in a variety of proactive industries, are becoming more reliant on maintenance to keep their equipment running optimally. The ability to anticipate downtime allows the maintenance staff to prioritize its resources accordingly with the Smart Gearbox technology.

For more information on Smart Gearbox technology, contact the OTP experts.