Grundfos Pumps Authorization extended to include Indiana & Kentucky



At OTP Industrial Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with innovative, highly efficient products in all of the markets and industries we serve. When it comes to your business, you want the best quality products guaranteed to get the job done right!


OTP is excited to have our Grundfos Pumps authorization extended to include Kentucky and Indiana. Grundfos and its legacy brands provide a comprehensive range of optimized industrial solutions for the North American market. This manufacturer has a full line of reliable pump products for process and general applications, including:

• Single-stage pumps
• Vertical sump pumps
• Wastewater pumps
• Multistage pumps
• Pump systems
Controls and monitoring
Dosing and disinfection


Grundfos Pumps are suitable for a variety of process applications, including the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, chemical, mining, power and general industries. Grundfos Pumps are also highly suitable for general applications in utility water, wastewater transport and treatment and water supply treatment and reuse.


Want to learn more about Grundfos Pumps products? Contact your local OTP branch or log onto our website and use the OTP experts to get all of your questions answered.

Flowserve Pumps and Seals

OTP Industrial Solutions has a been an authorized Flowserve distributor for almost five decades, originally partnering with Flowserve (Worthington Pump at the time) in 1963.  OTP capitalizes on this long history with factory trained associates to provide the best pump and mechanical seal for each application.

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Flowserve Seals Authorizes OTP in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – Flowserve Mechanical Seal Division has expanded it factory support with OTP Industrial Solutions into most of Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

OTP Industrial Solutions has been a Flowserve Pump distributor for over four decades and is now expanding this long relationship by moving to Flowserve for mechanical seals applications. “OTP supports a wide range of pump applications,” states Tom Bland, OTP Fort Wayne Manager since 1980. “Flowserve, as the industry leader in both pumps and mechanical seals, complements our broad product line to enable us to deliver complete customer solutions.”

OTP has expanded its mechanical seal inventory in Indiana to include nearly every standard mechanical seal configuration.  This inventory supports both 1-3/8” and 1-7/8” shaft sizes, and is immediately available for new applications and pump repairs.

Utilizing its many experienced pump associates, OTP supports Flowserve with the unique “Ask the OTP Experts” on-line industrial product technical support.  This feature enables the user to easily find technical information about pump related products, and to quickly obtain specific answers to their automation and control questions. “Ask the OTP Experts” enables maintenance, purchasing and engineering associates to easily connect with local technical OTP experts in pumps, fluid power, fluid dispense, mechanical power transmission, bearings, electrical and automation products.

Dave Parks
3192 N Shadeland Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46226

Warren Rupp Pump

The Warren Rupp SANDPIPER® air-operated, double diaphragm (AODD) pump range offers customers a variety of unique problem solving pump designs.  Core designs include heavy duty ball, heavy duty flap, containment duty, and standard duty configurations, enabling customers “with more ways than one” to address their pumping needs.

In addition to Warren Rupp, Versa-Matic Pump is also included in the IDEX family of AODD pumping solutions. Versa-Matic  AODD pumps are available in a variety of plastic and metal materials, such as polypropylene, acetal, aluminum, and stainless steel. Sizes range from 1/4″ to 3″ and specialty features are available, including clamped design, bolted design, split manifold, and side discharge.

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Grundfos 'Pumps on Tour' Rolls in Ohio

COLUMBUS, OHIO – May 25, 2010 – OTP Industrial Solutions welcomes Grundfos Pumps on Tour with three stops in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Toledo Ohio during the week of June 7-10.  As part of a 48-city nationwide tour, Grundfos Pumps on Tour is a fully equipped, mobile educational center designed for maintenance, engineering and purchasing professionals in the industrial and commercial pumping industry.

“The mobile pump educational center has been completely renovated for 2010,” states Rick White, OTP Pump Specialist. “The 1,200-square-foot vehicle includes operational interactive pump displays, and a theater for viewing pump training videos.”

Each tour stop offers trade professionals valuable opportunities to gain hands-on training from Grundfos Pumps and OTP associates and the ability to experience interactive pump displays.   Features include

  • The award-winning, Multi-Stage CR-H, the perfect solution for ANSI pump users seeking improved efficiency and increased longevity for their existing pumps.
  • The new ALPHA™, an energy-optimized, 115-volt circulator featuring a permanent magnet motor design that will cut power consumption by a minimum of 50%.
  • Thinking Buildings Universe (, a new online resource offering contractors and engineers a complete range of information and tools on pumps to help make their building projects come together more smoothly.

Rick White
400 Wright Dr
Middletown, OH 45044

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GIW joins OTP at Coal Prep 2010

NITRO WEST VIRGINIA – January 15, 2010 – GIW Industries and Ohio Transmission & Pump (OTP) will exhibit together at Coal Prep 2010. Coal Prep 2010 is the annual coal-processing exhibition taking place April 26-29, 2010 in Lexington, KY.

GIW and OTP will feature the new ZW series double suction vertical pump, which is used for abrasive slurries, dewatering, floor cleanup and process transfer. The ZW pump model includes a vertical cantilever design to help eliminate unnecessary downtime and its semi-open impeller design allows large solids to pass freely through the ZW pump.

GIW and OTP will also exhibit the corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant, high-performance LCC-R slurry pumps which are designed for solids-laden waste water and aggressive slurries. Using proven advanced hydraulics for metal pumps, GIW engineers have transferred this efficiency into a new rubber-lined impeller design for the LCC-R.

Look for GIW and OTP Nitro at booth #1430 at Coal Prep 2010 beginning April 27, 2010.

About OTP Nitro:
OTP Nitro technicians provide experienced repair of pumps, air compressors and gearboxes. OTP associates work closely with the industry’s best manufacturers including GIW Pumps, Rexnord power transmission, Sealmaster Bearings, SMC Pneumatics, Browning gear reducers, Morse roller chain, McGill cam followers, Martin Sprocket & Gear, and Graco pumps.

OTP operates additional locations with local inventory and technical support to serve industrial customers in Evansville IN, Decatur IL, Louisville KY, Fort Wayne IN, Toledo OH, Columbus OH, Cleveland OH, Dayton OH, Indianapolis IN, Cincinnati OH, Charleston WV, Wheeling WV, South Bend IN, Akron OH, Youngstown OH, Detroit MI, San Antonio TX and Peoria IL.

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Carl Gable
Ohio Transmission & Pump
4200 First Avenue, Suite 116
Nitro, WV 25143
(304) 755-9506

Gusher Pump Eliminates Mechanical Seal Failures

OTP Industrial Solutions for Pump Applications
Dave Hancock
Louisville, Kentucky

An automotive components plant was having trouble with a horizontal base mounted pump in its machining process.  This pump was used to circulate 176 degree Fahrenheit quench oil through a filter and back to a collection tank.  The hot oil with suspended metal fines caused frequent mechanical seal failures which resulted in regular oil leakage.  After some time, the performance got so bad that the customer actually remounted the pump inside a basin to collect the ongoing oil leakage.

When the customer first contacted us, we considered replacing the pump with a Gusher vertical immersion pump, which we have often used successfully in similar applications.  However, there was not enough room inside the tank to mount the pump.

After reviewing the application further, we installed a Gusher 7550 EC series vertical pump .  We selected this pump because its enclosed column allows it to be mounted outside the tank and it was not fitted with a mechanical seal.  Its jacketed ball bearing housing is ideal for high temperature applications.  Although this pump initially cost three times more than the pump it replaced, it quickly provided maintenance cost savings by eliminating seal failures and the resulting mess of a leaking pump.

We installed the first Gusher pump over three years ago and it is still running with no problems.  The  customer has since purchased two more pumps for similar service in other areas of the plant and is now looking into making this pump a standard at their other manufacturings plants.

Gusher Pump proved again to be a good partner with just the right pump to solve any application.

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Quarry Pumps with Excessive Vibration

OTP Industrial Solutions for Pump Repair
Written by Tom Bland
September 15, 2009

quarry-pumpsWe received a call from a large stone quarry requesting a budget quote to rebuild a 200 HP, 4-stage vertical turbine pump used for quarry dewatering. We visited the site to review the installation and to gather additional information as to the nature of the problem. While driving deep into the quarry, the site manager explained that these pumps were mounted ten feet above the normal high level and would draw down to 23 feet to the minimum level. The pumps are also mounted on a mezzanine-like structure. This high mounting distance, and the mezzanine mounting was necessary to prevent flooding of the motors should the quarry lose power or experience an abnormally heavy rainfall.

As we climbed the stairs to the top of the structure, the excessive vibration became very evident. In fact, the whole structure had such severe vibration that we questioned the ability of the welds and fasteners to keep it together!

Although the pumps were clearly causing excessive vibration, we decided to confirm the pumps were correctly sized for the job before we assumed that a rebuild was required.

After gathering the necessary information including the pump discharge pressure of 70 psi and the distance from the gauge to the water level, we then compared the actual operating conditions against the design conditions.

The design condition was 2200 gpm at 250 feet of head with a requirement of 34 feet of net positive suction head (NPSH).

Calculated NPSH available:
33 ft. atmospheric pressure
– 1 ft. vapor pressure at 75F
+ 3 ft. minimum submergence of bowl assembly at low level cut-off
35 ft. NPSH available

The NPSH available is barely sufficient for the design condition requirement of 34 feet, but more than ample for higher water levels. But is the pump operating at design condition?

70 psi discharge pressure x 2.31 = 162 ft. head
Distance from gauge to low water level = 23 ft.
Operating condition 185 ft. head

Referring to the pump curve, at 185 ft. hd. this pump will deliver 2600 gpm with 50 ft. of NPSH required! The NPSH required (50 ft.) exceeds the NPSH available (35 ft.) by 15 ft.

At run-out, or maximum flow, of 2860 gpm at 141 ft. head, this pump requires 72 ft. of NPSH. It was clear that cavitation was the cause of the vibration.

Returning to the pump, we throttled the discharge valve to return the pump to the original design condition and as expected, the vibration disappeared. This unit also operates in parallel with additional pumps. When all three pumps are running, the total discharge head (TDH) is sufficient to restrict the flow and keep the pump near the original design point. But operation of this pump alone or with only one additional pump will always require close monitoring and throttling to prevent excessive wear or failure due to cavitation.

By reviewing the installation prior to removal, we prevented an unnecessary rebuild on this VTP pump.

Proper selection of all design conditions is critical to correct pump selection. In this real world example, the VTP pump supplier did not consider that the pump may be operated beyond the design condition. In fact most pumps operate outside of their design condition as they are typically oversized for worst case conditions.

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