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Carlisle Fluid Technologies- Finishing Brands

At OTP, we understand how challenging finishing applications can be. That is why we keep a highly seasoned team of Technical Support Representatives and Engineers who have designed and executed some of the largest and most complex turnkey systems for customers in a wide variety of industries. With partners like Carlisle Fluid Technologies, OTP can offer a complete range of finishing equipment to suit your specific requirements.

If your process calls for powder coating, spraying, pumping, mixing, metering or curing of a variety of coatings, Carlisle Fluid Technologies offers five finishing equipment brands:

  • Binks® atomization and fluid handling
  • DeVilbiss® atomization
  • BGK® curing and controls

Each brand is designed and built to provide finishing solutions with long-term value.

A reputation for innovation

Carlisle Fluid Technologies invests heavily in research and development, and works closely with leading paint companies and specialists in surface coatings to ensure consistent finish standards. In fact, much of the new technology in spray finishing can be attributed to the company’s forward-thinking practices.

Decades of experience

Together, Carlisle Fluid Technologies’ brands offer 375 years of experience in paint application, fluid handling and surface coating technology. This depth of knowledge means that Carlisle clients can rest easy that a Carlisle Fluid Technologies product is built to last and will provide real and sustainable return on investment.

Solutions for every market

As a supplier for all major manufacturing industry sectors, Carlisle Fluid Technologies provides solutions for a variety of finishing needs. A short list of markets that the company serves includes:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer goods
  • Military and defense

OTP is committed to offering the finest products in the industry and providing customer service second to none. For more information on Carlisle Fluid Technologies products and how they can help you take your finishing solutions to the next level, contact an OTP expert today.


Carlisle Fluid Technologies:



The Expert Vendors in Finishing Systems

finishing systems

When it comes to finishing systems, you want products and services you can trust. OTP represents the industry leaders in finishing and fluid handling equipment and services, and it has the answers related to your equipment, systems and fluid handling challenges.

If you’re looking for highly skilled specialists who genuinely care about your business and have the knowledge, training and experience to deliver solutions you need, look no further. OTP’s Finishing and Dispensing Group consists of industry experts and supplier partners who can design complete turnkey systems for all your fluid handling needs.

OTP finishing experts apply pumping, dispensing, fluid metering and fluid handling products for manual, automatic and robotic operation. We support a wide range of fluid handling applications, especially transferring, metering, finishing and dispensing high viscosity fluids.

OTP is proud to be a distinguished supplier of quality finishing systems from:

  • Binks
  • DeVilbiss
  • Sames
  • Kremlin
  • Johnstone
  • Rexson
  • Col-Met
  • Global Finishing Solutions (GFS)
  • Paint Pockets
  • BGK
  • Wagner Liquid & Powder Solutions
  • Carlisle Fluid Technologies

At OTP, we don’t just fill orders — we find solutions. We’re not a typical industrial distributor focused on buying, stocking and reselling product. OTP represents a team of engineers and product experts who bring innovative solutions to our customers.

Contact an OTP finishing and fluid handling specialist today to learn more!

LEESON Electric Talks Motor Selection and Energy Reduction

image of a food-processing industry

LEESON Electric is one of the premier electrical manufacturers that OTP Industrial Solutions represents. We are proud to continue this partnership and provide our customers with the very best from LEESON Electric.

LEESON Electric is the world’s most customer-focused motor, gear motor and drives company and they continue to provide great products and advice to their customers and distributors.

Read one of LEESON’s recent articles titled “Reducing Food Processing Plants’ Energy Costs” to find out how to select the best motor for your plant and specifically, how high efficient wash-down motors can make a positive impact on energy costs.

Interested in learning about more ways to increase your plant’s energy efficiency? Contact the OTP Industrial Solutions experts to get all of your questions answered.


Helpful Advice from LEESON Electric


OTP Industrial Solutions is a proud LEESON Electric distributor and we are pleased to continue this partnership to provide the very best for our customers.

LEESON Electric is the world’s most customer-focused motor, gear motor and drives company and they continue to provide great products and advice to their customers and distributors.

Read the article from LEESON Electric titled “Cooling Tower Motors Reduce Energy Costs” for some great advice on how to increase hospital energy savings: consider upgrading the fan motors in cooling towers.

To find more ways to reduce operation costs and increase energy efficiency, contact the OTP Industrial Solutions experts.


Omron F3SG Series – The Standard in Safety Light Curtains



In the world of machine safety, the most important thing to be concerned with is human safety. The new Omron F3SG Series safety light curtain provides a tailored opportunity to select one single light curtain to ensure human safety, while reducing set-up time and installation.

Omron developed its new F3SG “global” light curtain to provide the most cost-effective light curtain in the industry, equipped with all of the features required to increase production, reduce maintenance costs and ensure safety for your employees.

Omron F3SG exclusive features

The Omron F3SG Series light curtains come with the latest advancements in technology. The features include:

  • A reduced frame size
  • New set-up options
  • QR codes
  • IP 67 rating
  • Global standards and support
  • Advanced muting functions
  • Optical synchronization
  • Blue tooth and SC manager software
  • Easy to view diagnostics

User Friendly

Using the QR code makes troubleshooting easy. Just scan the QR code on any smart phone and you will gain immediate access to multilingual maintenance manuals and troubleshooting guides in order to help you reduce machine downtime and increase productivity.

This advanced model allows you to cover fixed or floating blanking and muting applications, which are common in most industrial facilities. Chose from the F3SG-RE “economy” or the F3SG-RA “advanced” models to satisfy applications from simple on/off operation to the most complicated machine safety.

OTP Industrial Solutions carries a variety of Omron Automation and Safety products and its experts have specialized product knowledge. Contact your local OTP location to have them bring a demonstration unit to your site and show you the advancements in the new Omron F3SG Series light curtains.


Innomag – The Ultimate ANSI Pump – New Addition to OTP Line

OTP Innomag TB-Mag Series

The world of industrial products and solutions is ever changing – with constant advancements being made to better each and every industry’s reliability and efficiency. When it comes to industrial pumps, the advancements we’ve seen in sealless technology continue to evolve!

Advanced Sealless Pump Technology

The most recent, and arguably most impressive advancement is that of the Innomag TB-MAG magnetically driven pump. This versatile pump combines low cost with exceptional leakage protection, all within an innovative and reliable design. This pump performs well in a variety of environmental applications, including chemical processing, waste treatment or metal finishing. The Innomag TB-MAG Series pump also supports the environment with zero emissions.

Dynamic Thrust Balancing System

With so many amazing benefits, it’s hard to go wrong with this extremely innovative product. The key to the Innomag pump’s proven performance is its dynamic thrust balancing system. The pump can operate reliably over a large section of pump curve without relying on typical thrust bearings. The result is an increase in the mean time between planned maintenance. There are many benefits to a thrust balancing system, including:

  • Pressurized flowpath
  • Higher efficiency
  • Upset forgiveness
  • Optimized casing

Upgraded Design

The Innomag pump is filled with features that are engineered for better performance:

  • A dual-encapsulated, inner-magnet assembly for added protection from any adverse chemical permeation
  • Particulate control system offers superior solids handling capability
  • Smooth fluid transition and lower NPSH
  • A pump design that can operate in a temperature range of -20° Fahrenheit to 250° Fahrenheit


The Innomag TB-MAG magnetically driven pump is recognized as the first dynamically thrust-balanced pump with the ability to handle solids. Don’t miss out on all of the benefits your company could be getting from this highly innovative pump!

Thinking the Innomag pump might be perfect for your business? Contact the experts at OTP to discuss all of the benefits and questions.


Grundfos Pumps Authorization extended to include Indiana & Kentucky



At OTP Industrial Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with innovative, highly efficient products in all of the markets and industries we serve. When it comes to your business, you want the best quality products guaranteed to get the job done right!


OTP is excited to have our Grundfos Pumps authorization extended to include Kentucky and Indiana. Grundfos and its legacy brands provide a comprehensive range of optimized industrial solutions for the North American market. This manufacturer has a full line of reliable pump products for process and general applications, including:

• Single-stage pumps
• Vertical sump pumps
• Wastewater pumps
• Multistage pumps
• Pump systems
Controls and monitoring
Dosing and disinfection


Grundfos Pumps are suitable for a variety of process applications, including the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, chemical, mining, power and general industries. Grundfos Pumps are also highly suitable for general applications in utility water, wastewater transport and treatment and water supply treatment and reuse.


Want to learn more about Grundfos Pumps products? Contact your local OTP branch or log onto our website and use the OTP experts to get all of your questions answered.

OTP Industrial Solutions Becomes Premier Distributor for EDT Bearings

Bearings for Severe Service Environments

EDT Bearings
EDT Bearings

OTP Industrial Solutions has become a Premier Distributor for EDT Corp. As a Premier Distributor, OTP has local inventory of an array of EDT bearings to respond immediately to customer requirements. The OTP sales staff has had EDT product training, so they can provide knowledgeable service and support to all their industrial customers.

EDT Corp. is a 35-year-old bearing manufacturer that specializes in severe service bearing applications. EDT’s grease-less, low-maintenance products are designed to operate in extreme environments while providing customers with reliable bearing life and performance. In addition, many of EDT’s products are USDA-accepted.

Think “EDT bearings” for any application where traditional bearings don’t operate well:

  • If you are changing a bearing more than once a year
  • If you are greasing a bearing at least once a week
  • If wash down or chemicals prematurely fail a bearing
  • If food safety or product contamination is an issue when USDA or HACCP/HARPC programs are in place

For more information, please visit

High Expectations for Gearbox Bearing Lives

By Frank Klein, Senior Engineer, Rexnord Corporation

“High Expectations for Gearbox Bearing Lives” reviews different methods for calculating bearing life and their implications, the validity of traditional approaches for calculating bearing lives, and provides a general overview of bearing life expectations.

The following is a summary of a white paper that reviews different methods for calculating bearing life and their implications, the validity of traditional approaches for calculating bearing lives and provides a general overview of bearing life expectations.

Bearing specifications are written by companies for the purpose of defining anticipated machinery performance.

The traditional approach in writing such specifications for anti-friction bearings has been to request “calculated bearing life” for an L-10 life of 50,000 or 100,000 hours, as examples, based on a five- or ten-year operating life before “major repairs” are required. The L-10 bearing life is naturally understood to be a bearing’s defined life expectancy based on a statistical 90 percent reliability.

To achieve such values, calculation methods have become more and more sophisticated. Traditionally, calculating L-10 was a matter of knowing the speed of the bearing (cycles), taking the equivalent load on the bearing and comparing it to the bearing’s dynamic capacity.

Today it is common practice to calculate an adjusted L-10, which takes the traditionally derived results and allows for the influence of various operating parameters.

With the base L-10 calculation, everyone gets the same answer – which is not the case with adjusted L-10 calculations.

The predicament for the specification writer therefore becomes twofold:

Predicament #1: Given that an L-10 values has to be specified, what is a reasonable value?

Predicament #2: Given that adjusted L-10 calculations can sometimes appear to be a function of the wizard behind the curtain, how can one judge the validity of the lives calculated?

Click here for a detailed white paper that addresses the questions in this blog post.

The fact is that simply specifying an L-10 value may not achieve the intended purpose of machine life expectations.

How does one judge which adjusted L-10 calculation is closest to the intent of the specification?

  1. Ensure that the L-10 requirement is consistent with the rest of the specification. Calling for a gearbox 1.5 service factor, for example, but a minimum 100,000 hour base L-10 means the selection is driven by the L-10 requirement. Unless the item is a specialty design, the features are designed for economic competitiveness, and the bearing life comes along for the ride.
  2. Make sure the load base is clear by having everyone calculate base L-10 on motor and Normal Running Load (NRL). Consider that the catalogued design non-adjusted L-10 life of most industrial gearboxes is less than 5,000 hours based on a mechanical SF of 1.0. For example, getting 100,000 hours requires an impossible adjustment factor in relation to the 1.5 SF on the gearing.
  3. Apply limits that can be used for the various factors, as that creates a level playing field for everyone responding to the RFQ. For examples for lubrication (initial oil viscosity and nominal and nominal sump temperature) allows a maximum of, say, 2.5.
  4. Use a factor of 1.0 for oil cleanliness, as this takes initial and operating cleanliness into account and does not get into discussions of “initial start-up damage” or “filtration healing.”
  5. Allow a load zone factor only if detailed Finite Element Analysis (FEAs) were performed with conclusive deflection results — especially for prescribed variable loading conditions (histograms). Such an approach will be expensive as the supplier may be exposing proprietary design details. However, interpolations or extrapolations of a general design method would not qualify, as their validity could not be confirmed.
  6. Make sure that there are features, i.e. physical means, of getting to the assumptions that make sense.

When specifying anti-friction bearing life for any piece of equipment, the writer of the specification assumes a purpose (or purposes) for targeting a particular value. Once a value has been defined, it is of the utmost importance that the specification writer defines the loads, operating conditions, methods of calculations, and even values for particular factors in the calculations, in order to help assure accuracy and integrity of the claimed values that will be offered.

Additionally — and this is the critical overall systems-purpose for the specification — with the interpretive ability to understand what calculated bearing lives can and cannot guarantee, the author of the specification can outline a clear road map for associated functions, such as initial design, manufacturing, maintenance, and warranty, to meet the high expectations of specifying a particular L-10 life for the equipment.

Frank Klein originally delivered a presentation on this topic at the 2014 Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) Annual Meeting & Exhibit for professionals.

Rexnord Senior Engineer Frank Klein, author of “High Expectations for Gearbox Bearing Lives,” originally delivered a presentation on this topic at the 2014 Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) Annual Meeting & Exhibit for professionals.
Rexnord Senior Engineer Frank Klein, author of “High Expectations for Gearbox Bearing Lives,” originally delivered a presentation on this topic at the 2014 Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) Annual Meeting & Exhibit for professionals.

OTC Honored with Entrepreneur of the Year® Award

COLUMBUS, OhioOhio Transmission Corporation (OTC) CEO Philip Derrow accepted the prestigious Ernst & Young 2014 South Central Ohio & Kentucky Entrepreneur of the Year® Award on behalf of OTC. Derrow was one of nine winners and 25 finalists who demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit fueled by passion, innovation and an unwavering commitment to their industries.

The award was given by a panel of seven judges, representing various successful companies in the region—from Pallas Partners, Inc. to IGS Energy.

The judges recognized OTC’s significant growth through bold new ideas, strategic acquisitions and a strong focus on corporate culture. OTC extended its business strategy to include mergers and acquisitions with other companies who share the same core values—ultimately expanding sales, employees and product and service offerings.

OTC has grown to become the parent company of OTP Industrial Solutions, an industrial distributor of pumps, fluid power, power transmission, fluid handling, pneumatic and electrical solutions, and Air Technologies®, the nation’s largest distributor of compressed air systems. Most recently, OTP Industrial Solutions acquired Industrial Process Equipment Group (IPEG) and Advanced Industrial Products (AIP), and merged with R. J. Knoepfler Company.

Air Technologies® offers an advanced compressed air solution with its innovative DirectAIR® division, which provides compressed air as a utility. With the DirectAIR® solution, Air Technologies® installs, owns and operates air compressor facilities at customer sites, saving customers thousands in energy and operational costs.

About Ohio Transmission Corporation ( ( ( (
Ohio Transmission Corporation (OTC) is one of the largest industrial equipment distributors and service providers in the United States. OTC is organized by product category into two separate business units: OTP Industrial Solutions, which includes Industrial Process Equipment Group (IPEG) and Advanced Industrial Products (AIP), and Air Technologies®. OTC brings together the right combination of knowledgeable people and broad product support to provide expert technical solutions to customers representing a broad range of industries. OTC maintains locations throughout the Midwest and in Texas with more than 500 associates who share the company’s founding vision of delivering excellent value through work with integrity. Established in 1963, OTC recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.