Omron F3SG Series – The Standard in Safety Light Curtains



In the world of machine safety, the most important thing to be concerned with is human safety. The new Omron F3SG Series safety light curtain provides a tailored opportunity to select one single light curtain to ensure human safety, while reducing set-up time and installation.

Omron developed its new F3SG “global” light curtain to provide the most cost-effective light curtain in the industry, equipped with all of the features required to increase production, reduce maintenance costs and ensure safety for your employees.

Omron F3SG exclusive features

The Omron F3SG Series light curtains come with the latest advancements in technology. The features include:

  • A reduced frame size
  • New set-up options
  • QR codes
  • IP 67 rating
  • Global standards and support
  • Advanced muting functions
  • Optical synchronization
  • Blue tooth and SC manager software
  • Easy to view diagnostics

User Friendly

Using the QR code makes troubleshooting easy. Just scan the QR code on any smart phone and you will gain immediate access to multilingual maintenance manuals and troubleshooting guides in order to help you reduce machine downtime and increase productivity.

This advanced model allows you to cover fixed or floating blanking and muting applications, which are common in most industrial facilities. Chose from the F3SG-RE “economy” or the F3SG-RA “advanced” models to satisfy applications from simple on/off operation to the most complicated machine safety.

OTP Industrial Solutions carries a variety of Omron Automation and Safety products and its experts have specialized product knowledge. Contact your local OTP location to have them bring a demonstration unit to your site and show you the advancements in the new Omron F3SG Series light curtains.


Top 10 things to know when selecting a programmable safety controller

Safety is the most important aspect in keeping your facility running smoothly. When designing, redesigning or repairing a piece of machinery or automated system, it is important to always use the most advanced and proven safety features and select a programmable safety controller to monitor all of your devices. But which do you choose? What do you consider? What should you know?

Our featured vendor, Omron, put together this informative and convenient checklist for choosing a programmable safety controller.

Here are the top 10 things to consider when reviewing your options:

• Number of I/O
• Safety I/O Connectivity
• Standard I/O
• Speed
• Monitoring
• Access to Status Data
• Panel Space
• Complexity
• Programming Style
• Scalability

Click here to read full article.

The OTP automation experts can help answer any questions and find solutions for all your electrical and industrial control needs.


Omron Industrial Automation

Omron Industrial Automation is the world leader in incredibly powerful, yet incredibly easy to implement industrial automation products.

Omron provides a complete line of industrial automation products, including PLC, HMI, AC drive, servo drive, servo motor, sensor, vision sensing, power supply, pushbutton and indicator products.

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80 20 Inc Authorizes OTP in Toledo Ohio

TOLEDO, OHIO – 80 20 Inc authorized OTP Industrial Solutions in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan when OTP acquired the assets of Midwest Fluid Power LLC.

“We are excited to continue to continue to expand our technical sales capabilities and our  product offering in Toledo,” stated Bob Korb, Vice President of Sales. “The 80 20 T-slot aluminum extrusion solutions naturally complement our SMC Pneumatics and Omron Industrial Automation products.”

SMC Pneumatics is the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic automation products, including the broadest selection of cylinder, actuator, solenoid valve, FRL, and vacuum solutions.  Omron provides a complete line of industrial automation products, including PLC, HMI, AC drive, servo drive, servo motor, sensor, vision sensing, power supply, pushbutton and indicator products.  80 20 Inc offers T-slot aluminum extrusion products for mounting, guarding and framing applications.

OTP fully supports 80 20 Inc, SMC Pneumatics and Omron with the unique “Ask the OTP Experts” on-line industrial product technical support.  This feature enables the user to easily find technical information about fluid power and automation products, and to quickly obtain specific answers to their automation and control questions. “Ask the OTP Experts” enables maintenance, purchasing and engineering associates to easily connect with local technical OTP experts in fluid power, pumps, mechanical power transmission, bearings, electrical and automation products.

About OTP Toledo:
OTP Toledo operates as OTP’s T-slot aluminum extrusion design and assembly facility, with experienced CAD operators providing design assistance, expert fabrication and assembly.  In addition to SMC and Omron, OTP Toledo sales associates work closely with the industry’s premier manufacturers, including Leeson motors, Browning speed reducers, NSK linear motion, Rexnord power transmission, Red Lion industrial displays, Morse roller chain, McGill cam followers, Flowserve pumps, and Graco pumps.

OTP operates additional locations with local inventory and technical support to serve industrial customers in Columbus OH, Cleveland OH, Dayton OH, Cincinnati OH, Indianapolis IN, Evansville IN, Louisville KY, Charleston WV, Wheeling WV, South Bend IN, Fort Wayne IN, Toledo OH, Detroit MI, Akron OH, Youngstown OH, San Antonio TX, Decatur IL and Peoria IL.

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OTP Expands Omron Automation Training Investment

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Omron Industrial Automation and Ohio Transmission & Pump (OTP) recently expanded its joint product training investment.

Twenty-two OTP associates participated in various Omron product training sessions during the past month, including two-day off-site Omoron Sales Solutions Seminars, week-long hands-on Top Gun motion and vision training, 16 eLearning on-line modules, and four on-site product training sessions.

The Omron product training topics ranged from basic machine control,  servo drive and servo motor sizing, to vision systems, motion control, power supplies, vision sensing and smart sensors. “Ongoing technical training is always important as we provide customers with local expert product support,” states Brian Miley, Electrical Business Manager. “In addition to our investment in product training for technical sales associates, we also recently hired seven experienced pneumatic and electrical specialists to immediately expand our technical support of Omron Industrial Automation and SMC Pneumatic products in Ohio”

Omron Industrial Automation provides industrial automation products, including AC drive, servo drive, servo motor, PLC, HMI, sensor, vision sensing, power supply, pushbutton and indicator products. SMC Pneumatics is the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic automation products, including a broad selection of cylinder, actuator, solenoid valve, air preparation, and vacuum solutions. The OTP website offers full support of Omron Industrial Automation and SMC Pneumatics. The “Ask the OTP Experts” on-line functionality enables the user to easily find technical information about Omron and SMC products, and to quickly connect to a local expert to obtain specific answers to their automation questions.

About OTP Cleveland:
For almost five decades, OTP Cleveland has merged the technical knowledge of its associates with a broad lineup of the industry’s best manufacturers of industrial fluid power, pump, pneumatic, mechanical power transmission, bearing and electrical products. OTP Cleveland maintains significant SMC inventory, and is currently expanding its business with Omron Industrial Automation and SMC Pneumatics. OTP Cleveland also works closely with other premier manufacturers such as Flowserve Pump, Grundfos Pump, Deublin Rotary Union, Lynair Cylinder, Graco Pump, Browning Bearing, Martin Sprocket & Gear, and other industrial manufacturers.

OTP serves industrial customers in Louisville Kentucky, Fort Wayne Indiana, Toledo Ohio, Columbus Ohio, Peoria Illinois, Cleveland Ohio, Dayton Ohio, Indianapolis Indiana, Decatur Illinois, Evansville Indiana, Cincinnati Ohio, Charleston West Virginia, Wheeling West Virginia, Akron Ohio, Youngstown Ohio, and San Antonio Texas.

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