Flowserve Pumps and Seals

OTP Industrial Solutions has a been an authorized Flowserve distributor for almost five decades, originally partnering with Flowserve (Worthington Pump at the time) in 1963.  OTP capitalizes on this long history with factory trained associates to provide the best pump and mechanical seal for each application.

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Flowserve Seals Authorizes OTP in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – Flowserve Mechanical Seal Division has expanded it factory support with OTP Industrial Solutions into most of Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

OTP Industrial Solutions has been a Flowserve Pump distributor for over four decades and is now expanding this long relationship by moving to Flowserve for mechanical seals applications. “OTP supports a wide range of pump applications,” states Tom Bland, OTP Fort Wayne Manager since 1980. “Flowserve, as the industry leader in both pumps and mechanical seals, complements our broad product line to enable us to deliver complete customer solutions.”

OTP has expanded its mechanical seal inventory in Indiana to include nearly every standard mechanical seal configuration.  This inventory supports both 1-3/8” and 1-7/8” shaft sizes, and is immediately available for new applications and pump repairs.

Utilizing its many experienced pump associates, OTP supports Flowserve with the unique “Ask the OTP Experts” on-line industrial product technical support.  This feature enables the user to easily find technical information about pump related products, and to quickly obtain specific answers to their automation and control questions. “Ask the OTP Experts” enables maintenance, purchasing and engineering associates to easily connect with local technical OTP experts in pumps, fluid power, fluid dispense, mechanical power transmission, bearings, electrical and automation products.

Dave Parks
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OTP Wins Honda Supplier of the Year Award

OTP Industrial Solutions accepted Honda’s 2010 MRO Supplier of the Year Award for power transmission products, including mechanical and fluid power products, bearings, cylinders, pumps, gearboxes and valves.

At an awards conference encompassing all Honda manufacturing operations in Ohio and Indiana, Honda presented its Supplier of the Year awards for excellence in key performance areas of safety, quality, cost, development and management.  OTP Industrial Solutions was one of only twelve suppliers recognized with an award out of approximately 5000 total MRO suppliers.

“Today, we are acknowledging an outstanding group of suppliers that exemplify Honda’s philosophy of delivering the highest possible value to our customers through their quality products and customer service,” said Jan Gansheimer, who manages purchasing for Honda of America Mfg., Inc.

OTP fully supports manufacturing operations at Honda’s automotive plants in Greensburg Indiana, Marysville Ohio, and East Liberty Ohio, in addition to engine and transmission plants in Ohio.  “We are proud of our Honda team to win Supplier of the Year Award again this year”, stated Bob Korb,  OTP Vice President Sales.  “Honda is very important to our entire team.”

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Deublin Rotary Union Training

OTP Industrial Solutions for Fluid Power Applications
Tim Griffith
Terre Haute, Indiana

I recently returned from rotary union school at Deublin North American headquarters in Waukegan Illinois.

The training was clearly worth my time.  We went over basic operating theory, selection and sizing, disassembly and reassembly, and failure analysis.  We also discussed in detail many rotary union applications for the machine tool, printing, paper, corrogating, plastics, and steel industries.

One of the key things I took away is the appreciation that many people do not install rotary unions correctly. (As much as people like the ball-peen hammer, it is not the tool to use!) There is a specific sequence required to insure that the internal workings of the rotary union are not damaged during installation. Connect the hose first to the rotary union. Then install the rotary union to the respective piece of equipment. (Did you see that? Free advice!)

As important as the technical knowledge that I gained were the relationships that I built.  The Deublin people were great and I know they will support OTP when we need it.  Even more impressive, I was but one of sixteen technical OTP salespeople from six different OTP locations at the training.   I even found out that we currently repair Deublin rotary unions in our Fort Wayne shop.

We sure do have a lot of strong technical associates at OTP!

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SMC Pneumatic Cylinder Operates in Corrosive Atmosphere

OTP Industrial Solutions for Pneumatic Applications
Darrel Lithgow
Indianapolis, IN

I was working with a machine builder in Indiana that builds OEM machines for the medical equipment industry.  The customer was experiencing failures and unacceptable operating life with the pneumatic cylinders that they used to move parts into an acid bath.  Although the cylinders were constructed of stainless steel, they exhibited premature shaft wear which caused the cylinders to fail in the corrosive atmosphere.

After investigating the application, we determined that the cause of the premature shaft wear was the design of the cylinder bushing. After understanding the root cause, we  replaced the failing cylinders with a specially designed SMC Pneumatic cylinder. This special SMC Pneumatic cylinder utilizes a different (and better!) bushing design than the other manufacturer’s cylinder.

The special SMC Pneumatic cylinder has now been in service for more than six months and is holding up much better than the other manufacturer’s product. The operating life of the SMC cylinder is at least double that of the previous cylinder.

Due to SMC Pneumatic’s ongoing attention to reducing their internal manufacturing costs, the customer’s purchase price of  this specially designed cylinder was actually less than that of the competitor’s standard cylinder!

As an SMC Pneumatic Technical Distributor (and a self described “airhead”), this is just another example of how I apply my technical knowledge to engage SMC engineers to solve customer pneumatic applications.

OTP Indianapolis Hosts Tech Day at Automotive Plant

Indianapolis, IN – November 9, 2009 – OTP Indianapolis hosted six industrial vendors during its Tech Day product fair at an automotive manufacturing plant near Indianapolis, Indiana. Emerson Power Transmission, NSK precision bearings, SMAC actuators, SMC Pneumatics, Sumitomo Drive Products and US Tsubaki chain displayed their latest technology products and discussed cost savings applications with over 60 maintenance and engineering associates at the automotive plant.

“The Technical Product Fair started at 8:00am and ended at 12:30pm,” said Dan Rose, Vice President of Sales.  “Bringing our product experts to the customer site and extending the fair through lunchtime made it convenient for many customer associates to capitalize on this opportunity.”

During the course of the day, the maintenance and engineering associates focused their discussion with the OTP and vendor technical associates on identifying projects to improve operations and save money.  Here is a sampling of the cost saving projects initiated during the Technical Product Fair:

  • Conveyor Bearing Upgrade – improve the bearing life on inspection conveyors in the stamping plant.
  • Regulator Performance – solve a problem regulator application in the body department that is creating false readings in a monitoring process downstream.
  • Gearbox Survey – investigate an overheating gearbox in a stamping application and schedule gearbox surveys to fully document the gearbox applications.
  • New Conveyor Application – work with the body department engineers to specify and install a new conveyor application.
  • Caster Tread Life – work with materials engineering to investigate alternative caster tread materials to improve mean time between failure (MTBF).
  • Hydraulic quick disconnects – investigate interchanges for quick disconnect couplings in an engine testing application to improve availability and lower cost.

“These cost savings projects are what I expect from our experienced technical experts. We work to apply products that improve the customer process and save them money,” Rose continued.

In addition to events such as the Technical Product Fair, OTP supports its customers via the unique “Ask the OTP Experts” on-line industrial product technical product support.  This feature enables the user to easily find technical information about industrial products from more than 60 manufacturers, and to quickly obtain specific answers to their application and product questions. “Ask the OTP Experts” enables maintenance, purchasing and engineering associates to easily connect with technical OTP experts in fluid power, pumps, mechanical power transmission, bearings and electrical products.   Warren Rupp pumps, Browning belts, McGill cam followers, Nitto Kohki quick disconnects, Sealmaster Bearings, NSK linear motion, pump repair, Lynair Cylinders, SMC pneumatics, Flowserve Pump, and Gusher Pump are some of the broad products supported by “Ask the OTP Experts.”

About OTP Indianapolis:

For almost five decades, OTP Indianapolis has merged the technical knowledge of its associates with a broad lineup of the industry’s best manufacturers of industrial fluid power, pump, mechanical power transmission and electrical products.  OTP Indianapolis maintains significant bearing and power transmission inventory and operates as OTP’s largest pump repair facility in Indiana.

OTP operates additional locations with local inventory and technical support in Fort Wayne Indiana, Columbus Ohio, San Antonio Texas, Cleveland Ohio, Middletown Ohio, Louisville Kentucky, Charleston West Virginia, and Terre Haute Indiana.

November 9, 2009


Dan Rose

Vice President of Sales

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