Coal Prep Slurry Pumps Impeller Adjustment

OTP Industrial Solutions for Pump Applications
Written by Carl Gable
October 22, 2009

Coal slurry pumps are essential part of the mineral processing in a coal prep plant.   A common problem in these plants is keeping the impeller properly adjusted as the parts wear.  Improper impeller adjustment results in premature wear to the liquid end of the pump, and can affect the efficiency and performance of the entire system.

However, impeller adjustment can be a dreaded job for a mechanic.  The atmospheric corrosion present in most prep plants often causes the bearing assemblies to seize to the pedestal, and the adjusting mechanisms to become inoperable.


Recently a customer voiced his concerns about this problem. We listened and presented the customer with a customized solution.

The customer agreed and purchased a new pedestal that was sent directly to our Middletown Ohio pump repair facility. We machined the pedestal to accept new removable 316ss seats, while maintaining tolerances. (The stainless seats will not seize to the cast iron bearing housing).  We then manufactured and installed a new design adjuster mechanism to allow the mechanic to adjust the impeller from the rear of the pump – making adjusting faster, easier and safer.

The coal prep customer is pleased and OTP is in the process of upgrading other plants’ slurry pumps as well.

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