Featured Vendor Case Study: Sumitomo

OTP’s featured vendor this month is Sumitomo. Sumitomo Drive Technologies, or Sumitomo Machinery
Corporation of America (SMA), is one of the largest manufacturers of machinery in Japan—and the
global leader in power transmission knowledge and innovation. OTP proudly distributes Sumitomo
products to our customers.

Learn more about Sumitomo from one of their recent case studies:

Paramax Retrofits1

Paramax Retrofits

Companies need efficient, compact equipment to operate their facilities effectively. Changes to existing
designs can prove to be costly. With limited space and pricing as major factors, facilities need to bring
in machinery that does not disrupt the current design’s integrity. When existing equipment is obsolete
or in need of upgrading, one of the best solutions for companies is to retrofit new equipment into pre-­
existing spaces.

Sumitomo manufactures reducers that offer optimized gear tooth geometry. Its Paramax® series
reducer features a 25-­degree pressure angle and compact housing design, which generates more
torque out of a smaller package—whether it is horizontal, vertical or an upright installation. More torque
from a smaller package makes the Paramax reducer an ideal choice for retrofitting older, obsolete

The Paramax® series is a heavy-­duty line of reducers that assists in chemical, mining, paper
manufacturing, plastic and rubber, and power generation, saving larger industries from costly changes,
while keeping equipment running smoothly.

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OTP Service Team Transforms Falk Gear Reducer

Falk Gear Reducer Repair

The OTP service team transformed a Falk Gear reducer into top shape!

Following OTP’s Rebuild Philosophy, the service team:

  • Fixed it on time
  • Fixed it on budget
  • Looked for the root cause
  • Fixed it right the first time

OTP manages in-house local repair shops with factory-trained technicians so customers don’t have to worry about the operation of their pumps and gearboxes. OTP keeps rotating equipment running correctly and efficiently while minimizing its total lifetime maintenance and operation costs.

OTP repairs all brands of pumps, gearboxes and rotating equipment. Technicians at our local pump and gearbox repair facilities will earn your confidence with their professional, personal, technical support and our quality pump and gearbox turnaround.

If your equipment needs to be repaired or serviced, contact the OTP experts today!