By Alan Wharton

Omron, a global leader in the field of automation, has introduced a new Sysmac (System for Machine Automation Control) studio automation platform using the NJ-series machine automation controller. This technology provides a machine builder with the opportunity to control the entire machine or production cell with one control solution. The result: a powerful and robust automation platform that integrates PLC logic, motion control, vision, safety, robotics and distributed I/O into one platform with one software. Omron is the first to integrate all of these functions into one controller, thus reducing hardware, software, programming time and improving machine speed.

In order to improve machine speed and accuracy required in today’s complex machines, Omron selected the EtherCAT network.  The EtherCAT machine control network combines servos, inverters, vision systems and distributed I/O along with safety while being the fastest network on the market. The NJ-series uses one software, EtherNet/IP, to control and configure the entire machine via a single connection.

The Sysmac studio platform provides one complete solution for your machine automation needs. To learn more about the Sysmac studio automation platform solution and other leading automation solutions, contact an OTP electronics and automation expert today!