Speedier, Easier Reset Option Now Available for Torque Limiters

By Rob Hucker, Product Manager; Rexnord
Rexnord Autogard Torque Limiter

Do you ever face minutes to hours of downtime due to torque overload in industries such as energy, metal processing, mining, aggregates, automotive, food processing or pulp and paper?

Reduce Downtime with New Torque Limiter Option

A new torque limiter option is newly available from Rexnord for applications that are susceptible to torque overload. The Autogard® 820 Remote-Reset Torque Limiter is a first-of-its-kind option, allowing users to reset the device from a distance and eliminate traditional, hands-on labor requirements. This innovation can reduce downtime by anywhere from minutes to hours for manufacturers.

Mechanical torque limiters play an important role in limiting damage that can be caused by jams and overloads. However, the downtime caused by a disengaged torque limiter still causes work stoppage until a support person is available to take on what can be a time-consuming, manual reset process. The Autogard® 820 Remote-Reset Torque Limiter changes that. It was developed based on customers’ requests for a speedier, easier reset option for high-torque applications. We’ve solved the problem with a remote-reset feature, meaning personnel can quickly reset the torque limiter can from anywhere onsite or offsite with the touch of a button, flip of a switch, or click of a mouse.

It no longer takes manpower to physically reset a unit. This new offering can translate to more-immediate uptime, a value to any user of torque limiters. No special tools are required. Speeds are supported up to 2,400 rpm.


The Autogard® 820 Series Remote-Reset Torque Limiter can be installed independently or as a retrofit upgrade to existing Autogard 820 Series Torque Limiters.

To learn more about the Autogard® 820 Series, view a video demonstration or contact the OTP experts for all of your Rexnord product needs!