By Scott Sagrilla

Often we receive calls from customers asking for a “5 hp pump” or a “2 inch pump.”  The customer is referencing the only information they have on a pump that they are trying to replace. Because of the many different varieties of pump applications, this is where an OTP pump application expert starts asking more questions. At OTP Industrial Solutions, it is our job to help customers select the right pump for their specific application and needs.

Some of the most important information we collect to select the right pump centers around the properties of the fluid being pumped. Details like the chemical make-up of the
fluid, specific gravity, viscosity, temperature and entrained solid size and percentage are vital to selecting the right pump.

Next, we need to know the operating conditions required of the pump. This is basically the “work” that the pump will be asked to do. The most basic parameters that we typically assess include capacity (flow rate) and pressure (total dynamic head). Because pressure varies with flow rate in a piping system, a system head curve can be generated, which graphs the change in pressure in relation to flow rate.

The variety of pump applications is astounding. What is even more amazing is there is almost always a pump to meet the most demanding application: from cool clean water, aggressive chemicals, high temperatures, abrasive slurries and high viscosities. OTP has partnered with world class pump manufacturers to tackle a wide variety of pumping requirements. OTP’s team of pump application experts has the knowledge, training and experience to find the right pump for any application. Please call or email us with your request.