By Woody Schmetzer

When choosing the right bearing, cheaper is not always better—or even cost effective. A less expensive bearing typically means lower quality, additional bearing change outs and more bearing purchases. Even though the bearing is less expensive on paper, over time the costs can add up.

For example, OTP recently helped a customer with two bottling facilities lower its maintenance costs and improve its operations by choosing a product line that stood above the competition and was a great fit for our customer’s needs. Each of the customer’s plants experienced premature bearing failures and went through many pillow and flange block bearings, which we supplied to them for years. It reached a point where we needed to do something different to improve the bearings’ performance.

After analyzing our customer’s operations and unique needs, OTP technicians selected Sealmaster bearings. The Sealmaster bearing chosen for our customer handles loads better and provides enhanced lubrication, which results in longer bearing life. The Sealmaster bearing provides superior features:

  • Wider inner and outer races
  • Felt seal instead of rubber lip
  • Land riding metal ball retainer
  • Zone hardened inner race
  • Locking pin that allows grease to go directly into the insert bearing

Overall, switching our customer to Sealmaster bearings meant less maintenance and downtime from changing out worn bearings. Three years later, the Sealmaster bearings are still running strong inside our customer’s facilities.

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