SAMES KREMLIN Re-Establishing Manufacturing and Celebrating 40 Years in North America

Meet George Jetson! In this 1962 animated sitcom, the family enjoyed video chat, which at that time was not yet invented. Today, in Industry 4.0, flying taxis are on the horizon. SAMES KREMLIN technology has been supporting innovators globally for 95 years. As manufacturing is being pushed into the deep end of a natural disaster, we are prouder than ever of unsurpassed products and technology.

‘Our Mission Is to Help You Achieve Your Mission’

The Internet of Things (IoT) is affecting the way products are being manufactured. Predictions state that implementing Industrial IoT into production will generate trillions of dollars in global GDP in the next 10 years. Automation plays a big role in smart manufacturing and SAMES KREMLIN has the capabilities of integrating products with Advanced Industrial Robots.

Automation & A Peek of the SAMES KREMLIN Diverse Product Range

The PPH 707 is an electrostatic rotary bell atomizer, using sensors for speed calculation and bell cup detection. It has an incredibly robust sealed turbine that can handle highly viscous bell applied material. Bell speed is controlled by a microphone instead of fiber optics, eliminating common speed fault issues. We want customers to know this high-end applicator uses the best technology available.

Automation is even possible with Airmix® technology in the AVX gun. Airmix® (Air-Assisted Airless) gives a high finishing quality & uniform film build control for paint flow rates from 400 to 2000 cc/min, with a perfectly atomized spray pattern. This patented technology will turn high gloss oil into mirror finish quality!

SAMES KREMLIN has five other product ranges in addition to Airmix® bringing new solutions to help re-establish manufacturing right here in the United States; Airspray, Airless, Electrostatic, Dispense & Powder.

OTP Industrial Solutions and SAMES KREMLIN Working Together

IoT devices connect to networks, talk to each other and drive automation. Which is remarkable, but we still need knowledgeable people behind the wheel. Lab tests of materials can be done at the SAMES KREMLIN facility in Plymouth, MI. There you will find passion for creating expert solutions. Both organizations come together as a team with a shared desire to develop great people.

Congratulations to SAMES KREMLIN on 40-years in North America and standing on the forefront of advanced technology! Sensor systems are currently being studied to allow future SAMES KREMLIN equipment to be integrated into Zero Down Time applications; to help your businesses save time & money. We want to increase your revenue by increasing your Space Sprockets!

Ami Anzures
Marketing Specialist