OTP Industrial Solutions Becomes Premier Distributor for EDT Bearings

Bearings for Severe Service Environments

EDT Bearings
EDT Bearings

OTP Industrial Solutions has become a Premier Distributor for EDT Corp. As a Premier Distributor, OTP has local inventory of an array of EDT bearings to respond immediately to customer requirements. The OTP sales staff has had EDT product training, so they can provide knowledgeable service and support to all their industrial customers.

EDT Corp. is a 35-year-old bearing manufacturer that specializes in severe service bearing applications. EDT’s grease-less, low-maintenance products are designed to operate in extreme environments while providing customers with reliable bearing life and performance. In addition, many of EDT’s products are USDA-accepted.

Think “EDT bearings” for any application where traditional bearings don’t operate well:

  • If you are changing a bearing more than once a year
  • If you are greasing a bearing at least once a week
  • If wash down or chemicals prematurely fail a bearing
  • If food safety or product contamination is an issue when USDA or HACCP/HARPC programs are in place

For more information, please visit www.edtcorp.com.