MHM, Magnet Gripper

SMC Series MHM is a magnetic gripper that can be used in place of vacuum cups or grippers when holding a metallic workpiece.  Auto switches can be mounted on 2 surfaces.  Expanded mounting options include body tapped, lateral, and central.

Optional bumpers prevent deformation of workpieces and accidental adsorption of a second piece. Fluororubber with excellent oil resistance is used. Has a contact surface structure which reduces sideslip. Bumper can be replaced without a tool.

  • Steel plates can be transferred without a vacuum
  • Supports workpieces with holes, uneven, and complex surfaces where a vacuum pad cannot be used
  • Holds workpieces even when air is shut off
  • High holding force up to 1000 N (ø50, workpiece thickness 6mm)
  • Adjustable holding force option possible

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