US Tsubaki (UST) Chain and Sprocket

US Tsubaki (UST) Chain and Sprocket
US Tsubaki (UST) is a leading manufacturer of roller chain, engineering chain, sprocket and power transmission products, and is the world’s market share leader in roller chain.

  • Roller Chain — self-lube UST Lambda® roller chain, corrosion resistant Neptune® roller chain, fatigue resistant Super roller chain.
  • Engineering Chain — UST Engineering chain prolongs wear life under rigorous operating conditions.
  • Power Transmission — US Tsubaki belts, cam clutches, actuators, dampers, overload protection and reducers.
  • Sprocket — heat-treated carbon steel sprocket for long wear life, abrasion resistance, and heavy shock loads. Alloy and stainless steel sprocket for extra corrosion resistance and food-grade applications.

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