Lubriplate Lubricants


Lubriplate Lubricants

Lubriplate is your one stop solution for all your lubrication needs: world class lubrication products supported by plant surveys, lubrication software, machinery tags, follow-up lubricant analysis, technical support and training.

Lubriplate complimentary ESP Extra Service Package includes a plant survey to determine lubrication requirements, identifies opportunities for lubricant consolidation, and helps maximize equipment performance and service life. Lubrication software maintains maintenance schedules and history. Color coded tags for each piece of equipment help prevent lubricant misapplication. Follow-up lubricant analysis measure viscosity, acidity, contaminants and wear metals, with full interpretation and recommendations.

Lubriplate products include:

  • Synthetic Lubricants — delivers performance in a wide variety of applications to reduce inventory of application specific lubricants. Outstanding for severe conditions subject to extremely high or low temperatures. Excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown, as well as extended drain intervals.
  • Synthetic Hydraulic Fluids — formulated for superior performance with excellent anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-oxidation properties. Withstand elevated temperatures and high pressures over extended drain intervals.
  • Gear and Bearing Oils — designed for applications such as gear boxes, bearings, chains, machine ways, recirculating systems, and general oiling.
  • Metal Working Fluids — used for all types of machining operations on a wide range of metals including steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. Excellent for drilling, tapping, sawing, and grinding.
  • Spray Lubricants — designed for use on wire rope, chains, cables, latches, locks, hinges, open gears, fifth wheels and other hardware. Prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Food Machinery Lubricants — designed to provide total food processing and bottling plant lubrication capability. Formulated from high-quality base stocks combined with unique premium, anti-wear additives, these lubricants exceed many performance specifications of conventional H-2 lubricants. NSF H-1 registered.

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