Falk Gear (Rexnord)

Falk Gear (Rexnord)
Falk Gear division of Rexnord makes a wide range of gear drives, backstop, couplings and related power transmission equipment for a multitude of applications. Success with Falk Gear line of products gives the edge in solving many application issues.

  • Gear drives — High-quality, reliable and rugged gear drives allow for maximum performance and the lowest total cost.
  • Couplings — 80+ years of manufacturing broad line of Falk couplings from Omega® elastomeric to Thomas® disc couplings.
  • Couplings Guards — Orange Peel couplings guards allow simple installation using common hand tools.
  • Backstop — instant-response, no-slip backstop mechanism to put a stop to trouble before it can start
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