Imo Three Screw Pump and Allweiler Pump


Imo Three Screw Pump and Allweiler Pump

Imo Pump manufactures rotary positive displacement three screw and gear pumps serving the hydrocarbon and chemical processing, crude oil transport, Navy and commercial marine, power generation, pulp and paper, hydraulic elevator and general machinery industries.

Manufacturing is accomplished under ISO9001 Quality Management Systems. Imo Pump is a business unit of the Colfax Corporation.

  • Three Screw Pump — machinery lubrication, hydraulic elevators, fuel oil transport and burner service, powering hydraulic machinery and in refinery processes for high temperature viscous products such as asphalt, vacuum tower bottoms and residual fuel oils. Three screw pump is renowned for low noise, high reliability and long life.
  • Allweiler centrifugal and propellor pump — vertical lubricating oil tank-mount pump, hot oil pump and large flow propellor pump.
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  • Imo Pump and Allweiler Pump Repair — provided by OTP, including repair kits and full service pump repair.

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