GIW Industries Slurry Pump


GIW Industries Slurry Pump

GIW Industries has been designing pumps and moving slurry for over 90 years. GIW pumps have been used to pump coal slurry in West Virginia, coal ash in the Ohio Valley, tar sands in Canada and hundreds of different materials in between — everywhere in the world.

GIW Industries began as a small foundry and machine shop in Augusta, Ga., in 1891. In 1914, GIW began building slurry pumps. Today, the company is comprised of two manufacturing facilities, one in Grovetown, GA and the other in Thomson, GA. These foundries and machine shops are used for manufacturing and assembling GIW pumps and for casting a variety of abrasion- and corrosion-abrasion-resistant alloys and polyurethane elastomers.

  • LCC-M Slurry Pump — easy removal for maintenance, inspections and repair. Often used in mineral processing, mine dewatering and coal ash slurry and tailings.
  • FGD Slurry Pumps — high flow, low head with balanced NPSHR for high volume transportation over short distances. Suitable for absorber recirculation applications and ancillary process pumps.
  • LCC-R Slurry Pump — easy wet end change-out can adapt existing pumps to new applications. Suitable for moderate discharge heads, fine particles and highly corrosive slurries.
  • LCV Slurry Pumps — vertical cantilever, hard metal sump pump with bottom suction and submerged bearings. Suitable for absorber recirculation and ancillary process pump.
  • LHD Slurry Pump — ideal for sand and gravel, severe mining, dredge ladder and booster pumps.
  • LSA-S Slurry Pump — maximum reliability with ease of maintenance and repair. Widely used in ore transport, mill discharge, cyclone feed, tailings and plant process.
  • Slurry Pump Repair — provided by OTP, including repair kits and full service slurry pump repair.

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