Flowserve Pumps

Flowserve Pump and Pump Repair
The Flowserve Pump brand is extremely broad and includes many heritage brands such as ACEC Centrifugal, Aldrich, Byron Jackson, Cameron, Durco, Flowserve, IDP, Jeumont-Schneider, Pacific, Pleuger, Scienco, Sier-Bath Rotary, TKL, United Centrifugal, Western Land Roller, Wilson-Snyder and Worthington.

Some common Flowserve pumps include

  • IDP LR General Industry Pump — provides broad hydraulic coverage and low total cost of ownership. With thousands of LR pumps installed, the IDP LR pump provides reliable and efficient performance in applications ranging from water supply to circulation duties to petroleum distribution.
  • IDP VTP Vertical Turbine, Wet Pit Pump — diffuser type, single or multiple stage VTP design for continuous service in wet pit and deep well application
  • Worthington IDP LNN Single Stage Pump — axially split, double suction pump design featuring 145 impeller and volute combinations resulting in quiet operation, low NPSH requirements and high efficiency operation in all water applications.
  • Worthington IDP D800 Series End Suction Pump — designed to pump water and a variety of other fluids including solvents, light oils, non-corrosive chemicals, coolants and brines.
  • Flowserve Pump Repair — provided by OTP, including repair parts, repair kits and full service pump repair.

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