Rexnord Bearing

Rexnord Bearing
Rexnord is a trusted name for skillfully engineered products that improve productivity and efficiency for industrial applications worldwide. Rexnord represents a comprehensive portfolio of spherical roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, sleeve bearing and ball bearing products with brands like Rexnord® and Link-Belt®.

  • Link Belt Series 200 Standard Duty Ball Bearing — support radial load or combination radial load and thrust load. Industrial machinery, conveyor, chain and belt drive, fans and blower and power transmission applications.
  • Link Belt Series 300 Heavy Duty Ball Bearing — heavy duty applications requiring high capacity or high speed. High speed fan and blower, heavy duty power transmission and material handling applications.
  • Link Belt Klean-Gard — corrosion resistant bearing unit with antimicrobial protection for food and beverage industry.
  • Link Belt Rigid Sleeve Bearing — compact and reliable usage for continuous operation and uninterrupted service. Bearing material wears gradually to minimize sudden breakdowns and costly maintenance.
  • Rexnord Series 6000 ZAF Style Roller Bearing — with shurlok technology.

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