Omron Industrial Automation

Omron Industrial Automation
Omron is the world leader in incredibly powerful, yet incredibly easy to implement industrial automation products. Omron provides a complete line of industrial automation products, including PLC, HMI, AC drive, servo drive, servo motor, sensor, vision sensing, power supply, pushbutton and indicator products.

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) — simple PLC solutions to powerful and scalable systems to meet production demands.
  • Operator Interface (HMI) — broad range of HMI screen sizes and functionality allows the product to meet the needs of OEM’s and end users.
  • AC Drive — energy-efficient AC drive offers simple-to-apply advanced functionality and high reliability to make your plant easier to operate.
  • Servo Drive and Servo Motor — reduce complexity to achieve faster start-up and more reliable operation in a smaller, lower cost package with the new G-Series and R7-Series Servo Drive and Servo Motor.
  • Photoelectric Sensor — wide variety of Omron sensor products, including diffuse-reflective, through-beam, retro-reflective, distance-settable.
  • Vision Sensing — new standard for future vision sensing through great customer versatility, flexibility and simplicity for most inspection applications.
  • DC Power Supply — DC switching power supply cuts installation costs and reduces unexpected downtime through advanced features that aid in preventive maintenance.
  • Pushbutton and Indicator — complete line of 22mm and 16mm pushbutton, Selector Switch, e-stop and indicator pilot light.

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