Georgia Hydraulic Cylinders

Georgia Hydraulic Cylinders
Founded in 1976, Georgia Hydraulic Cylinders supplies standard and custom cylinders manufactured to inch or metric dimensions.

Georgia Hydraulic Cylinders prides itself on being innovative and current with technology. On-staff engineers using state-of-the-art CAD systems, require minimal time in the design and engineering process, moving cylinders into production sooner.

Georgia Hydraulic Cylinders products include NFPA hydraulic cylinder, mill style cylinder and welded style cylinder.

  • NFPA Hydraulic Cylinder — strict NFPA specification compliance ensures component interchangeability and integration. Design standards and specifications establish common ground for designers, manufacturers and users to communicate efficiently
  • Mill Style Cylinder — mill style cylinder features metal rod scrapers, viton seals available, chromed ID tubes, bolt on end caps for easy serviceability.
  • Welded Style Cylinder — welded style cylinder provides rugged construction for heavy-duty applications. Performs well in corrosive environments. Suitable for high pressure systems. Can repair and rebuild.
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