80 20 Inc.

80 20 Inc. T-Slot Aluminum Profiles

80 20 Inc. is the world leader in T-Slot aluminum profiles and our success evolved from a blend of creative products innovation, a strong sense of our customers’ needs, and an “ATTITUDE”!

80 20 Inc. is known for customer service. With a fast order processing system, your order will be placed, machined, washed & deburred, quality inspected, packaged and shipped in 24 hours or less. Just another way that 80 20 Inc. helps provide solutions to your modular framing problems.

80 20 Inc. aluminum profile solutions include

  • Aluminum T-Slot Profiles — basic building blocks of “The Industrial Erector Set®”. These T-slotted extruded aluminum profiles are broken into seven families representing both inch and metric sizes.
  • HT Series Framing — 80 20’s newest framing system designed especially for use in material handling.
  • Quick Frame Tubular Framing — Quick Frame tubular framing system is a boltless method of building light-duty fixtures.
  • Application Examples — 80 20 extruded aluminum profiles are used in a wide variety of custom guarding, mounting, fixture, furniture, material handing and display applications.
  • Literature and Downloads — product literature, design ideas, and CAD drawing files.