Johnstone Pump Dispense Systems

Johnstone Pump provides pumping, dispensing, and metering equipment for manual, automatic and robotic operation with high viscosity materials. Johnstone Pump dispense systems are utilize precise pneumatic dispense valve systems with the latest controller technology in the dispense industry to accurately meter and dispense sealants, adhesives, mastics and BPR.

  • Johnstone AutoStream — control system interacts with robot and automation system to view, report and troubleshoot fluid handling system dispensing accuracy.
  • Johnstone LiteStream — mid range control system for fluid metering and precise dispensing of sealant, adhesives and mastics.
  • Johnstone Shot Meter package — LiteStream dispensing head for lower volume single component application.
  • Johnstone Flow Meter package— LiteStream dispensing head for higher volume single component application.
  • Johnstone Pump Dispense System Repair— provided by OTP, including repair kits and full service repair.

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