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OTP’s Finishing and Dispensing Group consists of industry experts and supplier partners that are capable of designing complete turnkey systems or troubleshooting existing systems and components. We apply a wide selection of finishing, pumping, application, dispensing, metering and control products for manual, automatic and robotic operation. OTP supports a wide range of fluid handling applications, especially paint, lubricants, and high viscosity sealants. As your go-to finishing supplier, we enable you to continue to reduce your vendor base while maintaining the technical support you require.

Our liquid paint and powder finishing, dispensing, and fluid handling equipment and services include:

  • paint_powder_applicators_border Paint and Powder Applicators:
    • Automatic and hand spray guns (electrostatic, HVLP, air, airless, airmix)
    • Electrostatic Disc and Bell (rotary atomizers)
    • Reciprocators
  • precision
    Precision Flow and Pressure Control Systems:

    • Streaming, drops, beads, ribbons
    • Batch or continuous flow
  • paint_booths
    Paint Booths:

    • Dry filter and water wash
    • Down draft
    • Cross draft
    • Side down draft
    • Custom
  • Wash Booths:
    • Inline or batch
    • Spray wand
  • Ovens:
    • Inline conventional natural gas fired
    • Batch
    • Infrared
  • piping_systems_border Piping Systems
    • Circulation supply and return
    • Dead head supply systems
    • Paint, adhesives, sealants, and lubricants
  • conveyor_systems Conveyor Systems:
    • Overhead
    • Chain-on-edge
    • Drag
    • Power and free
    • Tube
    • Controls
    • AutoCAD design, detailed proposal generation
  • Sheet Metal Enclosures:
    • Flash tunnels
    • Environmental enclosures
    • Paint mix rooms
    • Ductwork
  • design_automation
    C3_robots_trp502(2) Design and Automation:
    • Robotics
    • Integration
  • Finishing and Fluid Handling Accessories:
    • Hazardous storage/ dispensing units
    • Tanks, agitators, mixers
    • Hoses and fittings
    • Spare parts

For more information about our capabilities and products, contact one of our technical experts for friendly, comprehensive product assistance and support.

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Finishing Manufacturing Suppliers:

OTP is proud to be a distinguished supplier for the following Finishing Manufacturing Suppliers:

  • Anest Iwata
  • BGK
  • Binks
  • C.A. Technologies
  • Carlisle Group
  • Col-Met
  • DeVilbiss
  • Global Finishing Solutions (GFS)
  • Graco
  • Johnstone
  • Kremlin
  • MS Powder
  • Paint Pockets
  • Ransburg
  • Rexson
  • Sames