FAQ (General)

FAQ (General)

Frequently Asked Questions And The Answers To Go With Them

Want to learn more about OTP and the services and products we provide? The FAQs below can give you insight into who we are and what we do. We also invite you to explore our product-specific FAQs on pumps, fluid power, electrical solutions, mechanical products, finishing and fluid handling, bearings and pump repair. Still have questions? Contact our expert staff for assistance.

Q. What types of products does OTP supply?

A. OTP is the industry’s leading supplier of technical solutions, and products for industrial fluid power, pump, mechanical power transmission and electrical applications. For detailed information about the products and solutions we can provide your manufacturing plant, please visit our broad product support page.

Q. Does OTP provide technical support for the products it sells?

A. Absolutely. In fact the technical expertise of our inside and outside staff is one of the things that sets OTP apart from its competitors. Many of our satisfied customers site the advice, support and knowledge of our staff as the key to saving time and money for their businesses. Learn more about our technical knowledge and how it can make a bottom line difference to your company.

Q. OTP says it can save my business money, but can you prove it?

A. We can and we do. OTP’s experts will work with you to indentify key performance indicators (KPI) that are most important to you. Then we will regularly prepare and provide you with KPI reports that track, document and detail your results in black and white. Learn more.

Q. Does OTP provide repair services for the products it sells?

A. Definitely. In fact, repair is a critical component of our business and our factory trained repair technicians take a great deal of pride in their ability to repair your equipment back to original factory specifications or industry standards. We offer a complete spectrum of repair services including 24-hour emergency repair service, in shop/plant repair service and preventive maintenance contracts to meet your needs. Learn more.

Q. Can OTP help me manage and reduce my inventory?

A. Yes we can. We have a variety of programs and services in place to help you streamline your inventory and save money. We can also work with you to develop an ongoing inventory program that meets your needs, with options that include storing your inventory at a local OTP facility or keeping OTP-owned inventory on hand at your facility. Learn more.