Deublin Rotary Union Training

OTP associates from six OTP locations trained in rotary union applications at Deublin North American headquarters in Waukegan Illinois.

OTP Industrial Solutions for Fluid Power Applications
Tim Griffith
Terre Haute, Indiana

I recently returned from rotary union school at Deublin North American headquarters in Waukegan Illinois.

The training was clearly worth my time.  We went over basic operating theory, selection and sizing, disassembly and reassembly, and failure analysis.  We also discussed in detail many rotary union applications for the machine tool, printing, paper, corrogating, plastics, and steel industries.

One of the key things I took away is the appreciation that many people do not install rotary unions correctly. (As much as people like the ball-peen hammer, it is not the tool to use!) There is a specific sequence required to insure that the internal workings of the rotary union are not damaged during installation. Connect the hose first to the rotary union. Then install the rotary union to the respective piece of equipment. (Did you see that? Free advice!)

As important as the technical knowledge that I gained were the relationships that I built.  The Deublin people were great and I know they will support OTP when we need it.  Even more impressive, I was but one of sixteen technical OTP salespeople from six different OTP locations at the training.   I even found out that we currently repair Deublin rotary unions in our Fort Wayne shop.

We sure do have a lot of strong technical associates at OTP!

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