OTP For The Automotive Industry

Automotive IndustryAs an award-winning Tier 1 supplier to both Honda and Toyota, we understand that the automotive industry is volatile to say the least. It’s good to know you can count on a Tier 1 supplier to help you achieve your critical cost, quality and delivery goals.

In addition to supplying the quality products, equipment and parts you need to manufacture your products, OTP can help you keep your plant running and improve your business’ efficiency. We offer services and support designed to eliminate your downtime, reduce your on-hand inventory, control your costs and meet your energy reduction goals.

Our Services Include:
  • Inventory Reduction: OTP’s inventory programs help reduce your MRO inventory by identifying and minimizing duplicate parts through methods such as equipment surveys and product standardization. We can customize an inventory support program that cuts your costs and we can even stock critical parts at your local OTP location to help you run a leaner, just-in-time operation. Learn more.
  • Cost Savings: OTP offers a variety of options to help you save money. Our factory-trained and certified service team can often repair equipment such as gearboxes for less than the cost of buying new and we offer some of the most competitive prices on leading equipment. OTP will document your hard and soft cost savings through regular Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting. Learn more.
  • Technical Support: The vast knowledge of our staff provides an incredible advantage to your business. Our team is able and willing to provide comprehensive application assistance including selection of the optimum parts, making appropriate upgrades to existing equipment and surveying and recommending new equipment. These services can help you reduce costs, improve mean time between equipment failure and have the right equipment in place to optimize plant operations. Learn more.
  • Ordering and Purchasing Assistance: Our team can assist you in simplifying the purchasing process through identification of the appropriate parts for your applications. We have the knowledge to recommend new solutions for obsolete parts and products. Our quick response times and flexible ordering terms help you manage cash flow and ensure you receive the parts you need when you need them. Learn more.
Our Vendors:

OTP supplies products manufactured by the leading vendors in the automotive industry, including:

Trust OTP To Supply Solutions For All Your Equipment Needs:
  • Pneumatics
  • Sealant and Adhesive Equipment
  • Motors
  • Automation
  • Bearings
  • Belts
  • Chains
  • On-site Pump Repair
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