OTP COMMITs To The Success Of Our Customers, Vendors And People

commitOur mission and core values are not just lip service. We work to achieve our mission, honor our values and follow our guiding principles every day by following a process and mindset we call COMMIT. Through COMMIT, we build loyalty and create a shared vision of success with customers, suppliers and co-workers.

commit: conversationConversation/Commitment

The circle always begins and ends with conversation(s) leading to one or more commitments. This is true whether we are interacting with a customer, co-worker, supplier, even family and friends. Without a full conversation to understand what the other person wants from a particular relationship, it’s difficult, at best, to make commitments the other party really cares about.

commit: organizeOrganize/Orchestrate

We share the commitment(s)—along with the other relevant aspects of the conversation—with all those who will be involved in keeping the commitment(s). We organize our teams in such a way as to make keeping the commitment(s) a shared goal. We orchestrate the workings of the team—and lead—so as to help assure success for all parties.

commit: measureMeasure

We outline clear, well-understood and preferably simple measurements to objectively gauge progress and results. We involve the team in the process and, where appropriate, agree on the measurements with the person to whom we’ve committed. We believe that things you do not measure are usually only achieved by accident.

commit: monitorMonitor

We review our measurement results and progress at appropriate intervals to allow ourselves and our team the opportunity to adjust if necessary. Deadlines and goals are more often missed because of failure to keep on target early in the process. Regular monitoring keeps progress in clear view so we can stay on target.

commit: interveneIntervene

Based on regular monitoring of progress, we do something. Either we do more of what we’ve already been doing (if progress is good), or we change something if it isn’t. We believe that nothing is gained by waiting until the end to complain about something that isn’t going well. Every member of the team has the right and obligation to blow the whistle if something is not right.

commit: tellTell

We share achievements with the person to whom we’ve committed and, just as importantly, with the members of the team who helped make it happen. We don’t assume people will know that we live by DWYSYWD (Do What You Say You Will Do). This isn’t bragging. It’s an important opportunity to celebrate accomplishments and build relationships based on integrity.

After confirming and celebrating achievements, we build on that success by starting the process over with another conversation. In this way, we continually look for opportunities to leverage OTP’s people and products to help customers, vendors and associates accomplish their missions.

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