50th Anniversary

Ohio Transmission Corporation Celebrates 50 Years in Business

“In 1963, my father David Derrow and his trusted partner Phillip Carstens founded Ohio Transmission Corporation in Columbus, Ohio, upon the core values of integrity, achievement, investment and balance. Fifty years later, their founding principles have ensured steady growth and success that has seen us through acquisitions and economic downturns to become the stronghold corporation that we are today. We remain committed to helping our customers, vendors and associates accomplish their goals, and we’d like to thank everyone for their dedicated support during the past 50 years. We promise to continue providing value to our partners every day and working with integrity in everything we do.”

— Philip Derrow, Chairman of the Board – Ohio Transmission Corporation

50 Years of Advanced Industrial Solutions
This year, Ohio Transmission Corporation and its divisions, OTP Industrial Solutions and Air Technologies®, proudly celebrate 50 years of growth and success. Since our founding in 1963, Ohio Transmission Corporation has been committed to delivering the highest value to customers by employing the most talented expert technical staff in the industry who passionately provide excellent customer service and work with integrity.

In 1963, we began as a small industrial supply distributor of mechanical power transmission equipment and pumps. Today, Ohio Transmission Corporation is among the largest industrial distributors in the United States. Our unique position as an employee-owned company has ensured the continuity of exceptional customer service even after we have  expanded to more than 450 associate-owners and 18 locations in six Midwest states and Texas.

Supporting Manufacturing Operations for Years to Come
During the next 50 years, our mission is to best supplier to our customers, the best distributor for our supplier partners and the best place to work for our associates.  In doing so, we expect to expand our business into new markets while staying committed to delivering ever-better value through exceptional products, services and experiences. We will achieve our mission by giving our valued customers the best quality products and services at the lowest costs, by providing our trusted vendors with excellent partnerships centered around solid relationships, and by offering our prized employees an environment where their talents are harnessed and their successes are celebrated.

After 50 years, our core values of integrity, achievement, investment and balance continue to be the standards by which we measure our success. By remaining true to these founding values, we have been able to deliver the highest quality people, products and processes to our customers and position ourselves for continued growth. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who has been a part of Ohio Transmission Corporation’s 50 years of success.