Choosing the Best Bearing for your Application

Mounting and installation errors are the second-leading cause for bearing failures — accounting for almost 27% — and generally result in production downtime and increased cost. It should come as no surprise that not all bearings are created equal, and choosing the best seal and shaft locking mechanism for your bearing will increase the overall performance and life.

Reduce Downtime

 When selecting your next bearing, determine if the application has:

  • High speed
  • High contamination, or
  • High heat

Each of these conditions requires a specific seal to obtain maximum performance. Most importantly, applying the correct seal will result in a reduction in downtime.

  • Clearance seals: High-temperature and high-speed capabilities; contamination prevention is low
  • Light contact seals: Moderate temperature capability, high-speed capability and good contamination prevention
  • Heavy contact seals: Moderate temperature capability, very low-speed capability; best option to prevent contamination
  • Auxiliary seals: Best option to maximize bearing protection and life when combined with other seals

Increase Performance

When it comes to getting a job done, performance is key. In addition to applying the correct seal, there are several shaft-locking mechanisms to consider:

  • Set screw/set collar: Works great in most applications but may come loose under high load or speed, or if shaft is slightly undersized
  • Eccentric collar: Slightly better than a set screw; tightening direction is critical
  • Concentric clamping: Provides great holding power, does not damage the shaft and reduces vibration
  • Tapered adapter: Provides excellent grip force, the best concentricity, low vibration and the longest life

Choosing the best bearing for your application is just the first of five important tips for successful bearing installation. Learn how to install your bearings correctly the first time by accessing Rexnord’s free, expert-led webinar hosted by Mark Czubak, principal engineer for bearings at Rexnord.

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