OTP feature vendor saves time and money with VLT drive

Danfoss Drive and Industrial Control

Since 1968, Danfoss — a featured vendor of OTP Industrial Solutions — has been dedicated to developing VLT® variable frequency drives to control speed, torque, acceleration, synchronization, positioning and overall performance of AC motors. The reliable and innovative VLT drive is designed to support any automation application and provide energy savings.

From pressure transmitter and temperature switch to solenoid valve and motor control gear, Danfoss offers a complete line of industrial control solutions to improve productivity and lower costs.

A Danfoss VLT drive success

The Danfoss North America (NAM) sales team has delivered the first VLT® FlexConcept® solution for a leading North American beverage company. The company has begun producing a new milk protein drink in a dairy production facility owned and operated in Michigan.

Danfoss NAM has supplied a VLT® FlexConcept® solution for three packaging lines at the facility. Each line uses about 60 pieces of the VLT® OneGearDrive® and the VLT® Decentral Drive FCD 302 respectively.

The project is the first VLT® OneGearDrive® installation within the beverage company’s bottling. The company is so impressed with the Danfoss VLT® FlexConcept® solution, that Danfoss NAM has also been awarded a new can line for the beverage company’s plant in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Savings in installation process

To secure these packaging lines, Danfoss NAM utilized a Danfoss Food & Beverage PUSH/PULL strategy, providing savings to both the equipment builder Descon Integrated Conveying Solutions, and the end user, the owners and operators of the dairy production facility.

Said Jeff Philpott of Descon, “The VLT® Decentral Drive FCD 302 has saved Descon time and money, for we can utilize the I/O connection of the FCD 302 and reduce analogue I/O block,” said Jeff. “Node connectivity is very expensive. Any additional Ethernet switches and I/O blocks add so much more cost, more wiring and more time to install.”

Streamlined hygienic design

The dairy production facility’s maintenance manager was highly impressed with the clean, hygienic design of the VLT® FlexConcept® solution: “The VLT® OneGearDrive® has no fan or bleeder valve, which is ideal for our dairy plant.”

OTP represents a team of product experts and engineers who bring innovative solutions to our customers. By offering one of the broadest ranges of quality equipment and systems from the industry’s most respected manufacturers, OTP is your one industrial solutions supplier for the products and services you need and the value you demand.

To learn more about Danfoss products, contact an OTP expert today!

Read the full Danfoss success story here.

LEESON Electric Talks Motor Selection and Energy Reduction

image of a food-processing industry

LEESON Electric is one of the premier electrical manufacturers that OTP Industrial Solutions represents. We are proud to continue this partnership and provide our customers with the very best from LEESON Electric.

LEESON Electric is the world’s most customer-focused motor, gear motor and drives company and they continue to provide great products and advice to their customers and distributors.

Read one of LEESON’s recent articles titled “Reducing Food Processing Plants’ Energy Costs” to find out how to select the best motor for your plant and specifically, how high efficient wash-down motors can make a positive impact on energy costs.

Interested in learning about more ways to increase your plant’s energy efficiency? Contact the OTP Industrial Solutions experts to get all of your questions answered.


Top 10 things to know when selecting a programmable safety controller

Safety is the most important aspect in keeping your facility running smoothly. When designing, redesigning or repairing a piece of machinery or automated system, it is important to always use the most advanced and proven safety features and select a programmable safety controller to monitor all of your devices. But which do you choose? What do you consider? What should you know?

Our featured vendor, Omron, put together this informative and convenient checklist for choosing a programmable safety controller.

Here are the top 10 things to consider when reviewing your options:

• Number of I/O
• Safety I/O Connectivity
• Standard I/O
• Speed
• Monitoring
• Access to Status Data
• Panel Space
• Complexity
• Programming Style
• Scalability

Click here to read full article.

The OTP automation experts can help answer any questions and find solutions for all your electrical and industrial control needs.


Omron Honors OTP Industrial Solutions as the Company’s 2014 New Distributor of the Year

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill.—September 18, 2014—Today at the Omron Distributor Management Meeting in Chicago, IL, Omron Automation and Safety recognized OTP Industrial Solutions as Omron’s 2014 New Distributor of the Year. A valued Omron distributor serving Ohio, and southeast Michigan, OTP earned 2014 New Distributor of the Year honors as a result of its sales growth, its commitment to the ideals of Omron’s distribution program and, most importantly, its superior communication with and service to its customers.

“OTP Industrial Solutions has exhibited exceptional success introducing and applying automation technology such as sensors, PLCs and motion control that help machine builders and users improve safety and maximize machine productivity,” says Nigel Blakeway, Omron CEO. “OTP has demonstrated a commitment to superior service by listening to their customers’ needs and helping them apply innovative solutions to gain and maintain a competitive marketplace advantage. The bottom line is OTP has shown that it shares Omron’s commitment to excellence and leadership in global automation and safety, and we are thrilled to recognize them for their efforts.”

“We are proud and honored to receive the 2014 New Distributor of the Year award from Omron,” says Rob Webb, President, OTP Industrial Solutions. “The OTP team is passionate about helping customers solve application challenges, improve productivity and differentiate themselves from the competition by helping them rightly apply superior performing automation and safety solutions. Receiving this recognition from Omron validates our team’s commitment to OTP customers.”

About Omron Automation and Safety

Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, OMRON Corporation is a multi-billion-dollar, diversified company with business units producing industrial automation products, electronic components, healthcare equipment and ticketing systems. Omron Automation and Safety is a global leader providing complete automation solutions for industrial applications. The Pan-American headquarters is located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA.

In USA, Tel.: 866-88-OMRON. E-mail: omroninfo@omron.com.

In Canada, Tel.: 866-98-OMRON. E-mail: askomron@omron.com

In Mexico, Tel: 81 1156 9910. E-mail:  mela@omron.com


By Alan Wharton

Technology improvements have made Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) a more reliable and cost effective method of speed control. With the advancements of VFDs in recent years, they have evolved into highly sophisticated digital microprocessor controllers and high frequency power devices.

Now that VFDs have become so accepted in the industrial market, the potential for retrofits and new project installations remain very high. Demand for energy savings and process control will continue to provide double-digit growth for many years to come—and the two most common applications for maximum energy savings remains in centrifugal pumps and fans. With the recent requirements to reduce the overall demand on the power grid, there are many utility companies providing rebates and cost-sharing programs that, in some cases, will provide product at virtually no cost to the user.

History has shown that although you can achieve two to six percent energy savings with premium efficient motors over standard efficient (EPACT) motors, VFDs can provide up to 35 percent savings if applied properly. In many cases pumps and fans are sized according to worst-case-scenario using maximum flow conditions or by using a “rule of thumb” approach to apply a 20 percent oversizing formula. It is important to evaluate the complete application and system characteristics to determine the potential savings available.

In addition to energy savings, other benefits include the reduction and/or elimination of motor starters, less stress on the motor windings and bearings, and a decrease in stress and wear on the pump or fan itself. Taking all of this into consideration will equate to a smoother, longer lasting, more controllable and more efficient operation process.

Please contact OTP Industrial Solutions to receive technical assistance on how to apply VFDs to your application or to evaluate your process to determine potential energy and cost savings opportunities.


By Alan Wharton

Omron, a global leader in the field of automation, has introduced a new Sysmac (System for Machine Automation Control) studio automation platform using the NJ-series machine automation controller. This technology provides a machine builder with the opportunity to control the entire machine or production cell with one control solution. The result: a powerful and robust automation platform that integrates PLC logic, motion control, vision, safety, robotics and distributed I/O into one platform with one software. Omron is the first to integrate all of these functions into one controller, thus reducing hardware, software, programming time and improving machine speed.

In order to improve machine speed and accuracy required in today’s complex machines, Omron selected the EtherCAT network.  The EtherCAT machine control network combines servos, inverters, vision systems and distributed I/O along with safety while being the fastest network on the market. The NJ-series uses one software, EtherNet/IP, to control and configure the entire machine via a single connection.

The Sysmac studio platform provides one complete solution for your machine automation needs. To learn more about the Sysmac studio automation platform solution and other leading automation solutions, contact an OTP electronics and automation expert today!

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Power Loss Ride Through

OTP Industrial Solutions for Electrical Applications
Written by Tim Griffith
October 22, 2009

lightningVariable Frequency Drives (VFD) are commonly used in industrial applications. However, the sensitive components of VFD’s are often susceptible to Power Loss, Power Dips and Brown-Out conditions, which may cause the VFD and the entire system to shut down.

Fortunately there are several solutions for power interruptions. Some VFD manufacturers have incorporated specific algorithms in the software and, with just a few programming changes, the VFD can withstand most of these conditions.

Recently a customer contacted me about a power loss condition which was causing his VFD to drop out.  His VFD (which controls his air compressor) had to be restarted each time by issuing a start command separate from the machine it was controlling.  The customer asked me if there was anything that I could do to allow his drive to stay powered up during a Power Loss lasting up to three seconds.

Depending on the manufacturer and model of the VFD – and its programming – the drive can store the energy from its capacitor banks for a predetermined amount of time before dropping out and losing power.  Think of it this way; if you turn off a VFD, the lights remain on for a few seconds before it is totally powered down.  The software can utilize this stored energy to maintain the VFD through a short intermittent Power Loss.

Furthermore, the good news for my customer was that even if it is a long Power Loss, I showed him how to program a second set of parameters in a VFD to restart automatically.  Note: starting automatically needs to be analyzed for safety first before programming that function)

I helped my customer reprogram his drive, and his VFD (and his air compressor) is now able to “ride-through” intermittent power losses.

Moral of this story: There are many features available in most VFDs…and I can help you take advantage of these features.

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C-130 Aircraft Starter Gearmotor

OTP Industrial Solutions for Electrical Applications
Written by Woody Schmetzer
September 21, 2009

My outside salesperson called me and said he had a new customer who wanted help sizing up a gear drive. This sounded simple enough….probably just another drive for a conveyor or something common like that. I run into these kind of applications every day.

So when I spoke to the customer and found out he needed a 1.5hp gearmotor for a starter generator for a C130 plane, I was excited at the opportunity and the challenge. He was unsure of which style or design he needed, but did have one requirement that it had to be rated for at least 500 ft-lbs of output torque.

Like most new applications, I sized up with a gearmotor in two different styles (inline and right-angle) and also threw in a third option which would allow him to go down to a 1hp and save him a few hundred dollars.

The customer ended up liking the in-line gearmotor, and now I’m waiting for a purchase order. Just another day in the office!

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