C-130 Aircraft Starter Gearmotor

OTP Industrial Solutions for Electrical Applications
Written by Woody Schmetzer
September 21, 2009

My outside salesperson called me and said he had a new customer who wanted help sizing up a gear drive. This sounded simple enough….probably just another drive for a conveyor or something common like that. I run into these kind of applications every day.

So when I spoke to the customer and found out he needed a 1.5hp gearmotor for a starter generator for a C130 plane, I was excited at the opportunity and the challenge. He was unsure of which style or design he needed, but did have one requirement that it had to be rated for at least 500 ft-lbs of output torque.

Like most new applications, I sized up with a gearmotor in two different styles (inline and right-angle) and also threw in a third option which would allow him to go down to a 1hp and save him a few hundred dollars.

The customer ended up liking the in-line gearmotor, and now I’m waiting for a purchase order. Just another day in the office!

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