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Carlisle Fluid Technologies- Finishing Brands

At OTP, we understand how challenging finishing applications can be. That is why we keep a highly seasoned team of Technical Support Representatives and Engineers who have designed and executed some of the largest and most complex turnkey systems for customers in a wide variety of industries. With partners like Carlisle Fluid Technologies, OTP can offer a complete range of finishing equipment to suit your specific requirements.

If your process calls for powder coating, spraying, pumping, mixing, metering or curing of a variety of coatings, Carlisle Fluid Technologies offers five finishing equipment brands:

  • Binks® atomization and fluid handling
  • DeVilbiss® atomization
  • BGK® curing and controls

Each brand is designed and built to provide finishing solutions with long-term value.

A reputation for innovation

Carlisle Fluid Technologies invests heavily in research and development, and works closely with leading paint companies and specialists in surface coatings to ensure consistent finish standards. In fact, much of the new technology in spray finishing can be attributed to the company’s forward-thinking practices.

Decades of experience

Together, Carlisle Fluid Technologies’ brands offer 375 years of experience in paint application, fluid handling and surface coating technology. This depth of knowledge means that Carlisle clients can rest easy that a Carlisle Fluid Technologies product is built to last and will provide real and sustainable return on investment.

Solutions for every market

As a supplier for all major manufacturing industry sectors, Carlisle Fluid Technologies provides solutions for a variety of finishing needs. A short list of markets that the company serves includes:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer goods
  • Military and defense

OTP is committed to offering the finest products in the industry and providing customer service second to none. For more information on Carlisle Fluid Technologies products and how they can help you take your finishing solutions to the next level, contact an OTP expert today.


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The Expert Vendors in Finishing Systems

finishing systems

When it comes to finishing systems, you want products and services you can trust. OTP represents the industry leaders in finishing and fluid handling equipment and services, and it has the answers related to your equipment, systems and fluid handling challenges.

If you’re looking for highly skilled specialists who genuinely care about your business and have the knowledge, training and experience to deliver solutions you need, look no further. OTP’s Finishing and Dispensing Group consists of industry experts and supplier partners who can design complete turnkey systems for all your fluid handling needs.

OTP finishing experts apply pumping, dispensing, fluid metering and fluid handling products for manual, automatic and robotic operation. We support a wide range of fluid handling applications, especially transferring, metering, finishing and dispensing high viscosity fluids.

OTP is proud to be a distinguished supplier of quality finishing systems from:

  • Binks
  • DeVilbiss
  • Sames
  • Kremlin
  • Johnstone
  • Rexson
  • Col-Met
  • Global Finishing Solutions (GFS)
  • Paint Pockets
  • BGK
  • Wagner Liquid & Powder Solutions
  • Carlisle Fluid Technologies

At OTP, we don’t just fill orders — we find solutions. We’re not a typical industrial distributor focused on buying, stocking and reselling product. OTP represents a team of engineers and product experts who bring innovative solutions to our customers.

Contact an OTP finishing and fluid handling specialist today to learn more!