When food safety is your concern, EDT bearings are your best choice

EDT Bearings

At OTP, we understand your food or beverage plant needs to have very little downtime for maintenance. For more than 35 years, EDT Corp. has designed and manufactured mounted and unmounted bearings for virtually all areas of the food processing floor.

Low-maintenance plane bearings with reusable components

EDT’s signature plane bearings (including Poly-Round® Solution® bearings) retrofit industry standard bearings and are:

  • USDA-accepted
  • Grease-free and rust-free
  • Chemically resistant
  • Unaffected by process moisture
  • Contain no rolling elements, eliminating catastrophic failure

Poly-Round® bearings can also be rotated 180 degrees and re-inserted after they’ve been worn in one direction. This effectively doubles their useful life. And because wear can be measured and monitored with all EDT plane bearings, change-outs can be scheduled.

Reduced risk of food contamination

EDT’s new Metal Detectable Poly-Round® decreases the chance of costly food contamination incidents. Its material is designed to be detected in three ways: metal, x-ray and optically detectable.

EDT’s stainless ball bearings use either food-grade grease or food-grade solid lubrication.  They’re available in shaft sizes from 1/2 to 3 inches (12 mm to 70 mm), including sizes not available elsewhere. Stainless ball bearings are preferable for applications where plane bearings don’t perform as well, such as high speed and high tension environments.

Reusable bearing housings to decrease operating expenses

EDT housings are available in all styles and in three types of materials: machined stainless, production stainless and polymer (including optically detectable blue housings).  Both the machined stainless and polymer materials are USDA-accepted, and all are designed to maximize clean-ability. All housings are available in QuiKlean® design, featuring an integral standoff, 5/8 inch above the base, further improving sanitation and clean-ability. Finally, all EDT housings can be reused, reducing operating expenses.

Whatever your applications throughout the process floor, EDT has the right bearing for the job. For more information on EDT bearings, contact an OTP expert today!