Omron F3SG Series – The Standard in Safety Light Curtains



In the world of machine safety, the most important thing to be concerned with is human safety. The new Omron F3SG Series safety light curtain provides a tailored opportunity to select one single light curtain to ensure human safety, while reducing set-up time and installation.

Omron developed its new F3SG “global” light curtain to provide the most cost-effective light curtain in the industry, equipped with all of the features required to increase production, reduce maintenance costs and ensure safety for your employees.

Omron F3SG exclusive features

The Omron F3SG Series light curtains come with the latest advancements in technology. The features include:

  • A reduced frame size
  • New set-up options
  • QR codes
  • IP 67 rating
  • Global standards and support
  • Advanced muting functions
  • Optical synchronization
  • Blue tooth and SC manager software
  • Easy to view diagnostics

User Friendly

Using the QR code makes troubleshooting easy. Just scan the QR code on any smart phone and you will gain immediate access to multilingual maintenance manuals and troubleshooting guides in order to help you reduce machine downtime and increase productivity.

This advanced model allows you to cover fixed or floating blanking and muting applications, which are common in most industrial facilities. Chose from the F3SG-RE “economy” or the F3SG-RA “advanced” models to satisfy applications from simple on/off operation to the most complicated machine safety.

OTP Industrial Solutions carries a variety of Omron Automation and Safety products and its experts have specialized product knowledge. Contact your local OTP location to have them bring a demonstration unit to your site and show you the advancements in the new Omron F3SG Series light curtains.


Innomag – The Ultimate ANSI Pump – New Addition to OTP Line

OTP Innomag TB-Mag Series

The world of industrial products and solutions is ever changing – with constant advancements being made to better each and every industry’s reliability and efficiency. When it comes to industrial pumps, the advancements we’ve seen in sealless technology continue to evolve!

Advanced Sealless Pump Technology

The most recent, and arguably most impressive advancement is that of the Innomag TB-MAG magnetically driven pump. This versatile pump combines low cost with exceptional leakage protection, all within an innovative and reliable design. This pump performs well in a variety of environmental applications, including chemical processing, waste treatment or metal finishing. The Innomag TB-MAG Series pump also supports the environment with zero emissions.

Dynamic Thrust Balancing System

With so many amazing benefits, it’s hard to go wrong with this extremely innovative product. The key to the Innomag pump’s proven performance is its dynamic thrust balancing system. The pump can operate reliably over a large section of pump curve without relying on typical thrust bearings. The result is an increase in the mean time between planned maintenance. There are many benefits to a thrust balancing system, including:

  • Pressurized flowpath
  • Higher efficiency
  • Upset forgiveness
  • Optimized casing

Upgraded Design

The Innomag pump is filled with features that are engineered for better performance:

  • A dual-encapsulated, inner-magnet assembly for added protection from any adverse chemical permeation
  • Particulate control system offers superior solids handling capability
  • Smooth fluid transition and lower NPSH
  • A pump design that can operate in a temperature range of -20° Fahrenheit to 250° Fahrenheit


The Innomag TB-MAG magnetically driven pump is recognized as the first dynamically thrust-balanced pump with the ability to handle solids. Don’t miss out on all of the benefits your company could be getting from this highly innovative pump!

Thinking the Innomag pump might be perfect for your business? Contact the experts at OTP to discuss all of the benefits and questions.


Grundfos Pumps Authorization extended to include Indiana & Kentucky



At OTP Industrial Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with innovative, highly efficient products in all of the markets and industries we serve. When it comes to your business, you want the best quality products guaranteed to get the job done right!


OTP is excited to have our Grundfos Pumps authorization extended to include Kentucky and Indiana. Grundfos and its legacy brands provide a comprehensive range of optimized industrial solutions for the North American market. This manufacturer has a full line of reliable pump products for process and general applications, including:

• Single-stage pumps
• Vertical sump pumps
• Wastewater pumps
• Multistage pumps
• Pump systems
Controls and monitoring
Dosing and disinfection


Grundfos Pumps are suitable for a variety of process applications, including the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, chemical, mining, power and general industries. Grundfos Pumps are also highly suitable for general applications in utility water, wastewater transport and treatment and water supply treatment and reuse.


Want to learn more about Grundfos Pumps products? Contact your local OTP branch or log onto our website and use the OTP experts to get all of your questions answered.